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It’s Monday! New Weekly To-Do List Episode!

Hello, everyone! It’s another Monday, which means I’m back with another recap of the weekly PCH To-Do List! Personally, I’m a fan of lists, especially To-Do Lists! I make one every morning with all the things I need to accomplish throughout the day. That’s why I love the weekly Monday To-Do List series so much! PCH fans can stay organized and know exactly what they should do throughout their own day at PCH.

Now, let’s see what Howie has to say in this weekly To-Do List:

Well that was very informative! If you need a reminder or quick recap of the To-Do List video throughout the day, feel free to come back to this blog post again and again until you feel you have thoroughly conquered everything on the list!

Here’s my recap:

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Wow, with all of these giveaways ending so soon, don’t forget to enter them all! Click on the image of the giveaway you want to enter, and the link will take you to right place! If you want to win a brand-new Ford Super Duty F-250 XLT Crew Cab, get in on $10,000.00 in the Ultimate Animal Lovers giveaway and Champions Dream Ticket Sweepstakes, then don’t wait! Go for them all, and tune in next Monday for the next To-Do List episode!

Good luck!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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