I don’t know about you, but I get scam phone calls, emails and even text messages all the time. It’s really annoying, not to mention disheartening. It also makes me worry for other people that may not realize it’s a scam. That’s why today I want to answer a common question we get here from those who believe they’ve won a prize because someone on social media contacted them. “Is this person on social media really from PCH?”

The answer is NO! PCH and the PCH Prize Patrol never contact winners on Social Media. Regardless of how authentic the communication you received on social media may seem, it’s not from the real Publisher Clearing House. It’s because of these types of incidents that we put out blog after blog and social media post after social media post on scam prevention. We don’t want you to get scammed!

So, what can you do? Well, you can make it really difficult for yourself to be scammed. How do you do that? By not sharing any personal information on Social Media. Here is a quick, handy list of things you should NEVER POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Social Security Number
Your Birthdate
Information About Your Family

Any Private Information That You Wouldn’t Share With A Stranger

Here are some great resources. For scam prevention advice, look at our Scam Prevention tab on Facebook and our Fraud Protection page at PCH. com. Lots of great information here, folks.

Has anyone out there had a scam experience which fraudulently used the PCH name? How did you handle it? Please share your story in the comments below. We’re all in this together, and scammers can get pretty darn creative, so it’s important that we keep each other informed. Let’s spread the word on scammers!

BUT if you get a knock at the door and it’s one or more members of the famous PCH Prize Patrol with flowers, a camera crew and a “Big Check,” then by all means open it! That visit could change the rest of your life! And don’t think that a pandemic is going to stop us from delivering SuperPrizes. Our team is taking every safety precaution to keep you and themselves safe!

So the next time you get contacted on social media which tells you that you have won a PCH prize, and you find yourself asking the question, “Is this person on social media really from PCH?” – you’ll know it’s a scam, and even better, you know what NOT to do! In the meantime, keep entering PCH sweepstakes, playing PCH games and engaging with us on social media. You never know, you could get a knock on your door!

Tina P.
Online Creative


  1. yes yes pc now i know what to do.thanks for your answer for my question .I’ll be care full. BECOUSE BEFOR I DIDNT KNOW .YES I ENTER ABD SEARCH AND QIN AT FRONT PAGE PCH LOTTO I WANT TO CLAIM OR ALL IM IN IT TO QIN IT ON DEC3 2020.CLAIM IT ALL .THANKS PCH GOD BLESS YOU ALL .

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  4. I turned in all my tokensfor about two months for the Ford Truck and I’ve can’t find out who won it I’ve asked the blog two times and never received an answer I was hoping by turning in my Hogan’s everyday that I would win but I don’t guess I did but I would love to know . I I wrecked my truck in 2019 and ready needed to win one so ;lease tell who the winner was and every time I look at the winners page it always is the same names do you all ever update really would love to hear from the PCH about all of this but I never do so please email or post the answers . Thank You

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  6. Thank you for the information, I have had people send emails about Winning a prize with PCH, also on Facebook messenger. I obviously know it’s a scam but unfortunately some people fall into the trap. Can’t believe everything you see or read! PCH keep up the good work you do! I’m in it to win it! Sending out positive thoughts for everyone entering!

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    1. We are thrilled that you’re so eager and determined to win! You’ve got to be “in it to win it” so keep trying and don’t give up. All of our winners are randomly selected and every entry has the same chance of winning; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next.

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  9. Nock nock who’s their. Dave who supper Dave no supper prize Dave.
    God bless and good luck to all. Stay home be safe this Thanksgiving. I have a virtual dinner together that’s one thing I am may do.But iPad on the table and you could sit around together like he was really there. Nothing like being there together. Next yr Especially if we all work together.

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