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The Best PCH Apps to Play and Win Big!

Publishers Clearing House went digital back in 1999 with the launch of our website. Since that time, the company has heavily invested in our online presence and has expanded beyond just a mere website. Today, there exists a multitude of online games our fans can play under the PCH banner, as well as the PCH app for Android.

However, for those who are unaware, the PCH app is only one of many apps that we offer. Staying true to what people love most about Publishers Clearing House, our family of “win real money apps” allows users to play fantastic PCH games and win tons of prizes. However, you have to be in it to win it, so be sure to download these PCH apps for Apple and Android and start playing today.

On that note, let’s take a look at the best PCH apps to play and win big!


The PCH+ app allows users to delve into and explore all that Publishers Clearing House has to offer. If you download the PCH+ app, you can play a variety of free games and win prizes, unlock incredible surprises, gain access to additional ways to win, receive bonus points, and so much more.

The PCH+ app opens up a world of exciting opportunities for Publishers Clearing House fans and is one of our most popular apps to win free prizes.

Of course, it is free to download PCH+ for Apple or to download PCH+ for Android.

PCH Lotto

As far as win real money apps are concerned, one of the best is the PCH Lotto app.

The PCH Lotto app gives fans access to tons of new contests, digital scratchers, and lottery-style games where users can win all day, every day. Through the PCH Lotto apps, Publishers Clearing House fans can gain access to daily prize winnings and weekly rewards that will help them get even more out of their PCH experience!

Those who download and play the PCH Lotto app can win hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. But you have to be in it to win it, so download PCH Lotto for Apple or get the PCH Lotto app for Android and start collecting rewards today!

PCH Slots

Take your favorite slots with you and play anywhere, anytime with the PCH Slots app!

PCH Slots allows users to add a social element to their games by playing against friends to win daily prizes. With this PCH app, fans can win huge cash prizes, receive massive token rewards, and unlock tons of other prizes.

Plus, the PCH Slots app lets you play fun and exciting themes like Greek Gods, the Wild West, and Aladdin.

Download the PCH Slots app for Android or get the app for Apple and get in on the excitement!

PCH Wordmania

Looking for a challenge that will test your vocabulary? Then check out PCH Wordmania!

This PCH app will give you access to daily word challenges, a variety of highly engaging word games, and the potential to win hundreds of thousands of tokens, bonus entries, and other fantastic prizes.

If you think you have what it takes to be a word master, then go download PCH Wordmania for Apple or download the app for Android and put your verbal acumen to the test!

PCH’s Family of Win Real Money Apps

Those are some of the best PCH apps for you to play and win big cash prizes, tokens, and additional rewards. No matter your favorite style of gameplay, one of these PCH apps is sure to fit your tastes.

Tell us, which of these apps do you find most alluring? Have you already downloaded and played some of these apps? If so, which ones? Sound off in the comments below and head to your device’s app store to download these PCH apps so that you can be in it to win it!

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