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Search engines and the internet overall have become an integral part of most of our lives. We use search engines every day to discover new recipes, see what’s going on in the world, answer questions, earn a living, or just find funny cat videos.

However, while we all are constantly using search engines, only Publishers Clearing House has a search engine that could transform you into a millionaire.

That’s right! PCHSearch&Win is the latest way for you to become a PCH winner. Just conduct your regular internet searches through our search engine and you will be entered to win a multitude of prizes.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at PCHSearch&Win to see how it is used and what you can win.

What is PCHSearch&Win?

As mentioned just a moment ago, PCHSearch&Win is Publishers Clearing House’s own search engine. It works just like a normal search engine as it allows you to find websites and information by entering keywords.

However, what makes PCHSearch&Win special is that just by using it, you will get a daily entry for PCH Millions and other of outstanding prizes.

Best of all, understanding how to use PCHSearch&Win requires no special knowledge or skills. All you have to do to search PCHSearch&Win is sign up for a free account and ensure that you are logged in before conducting a search. From there, just type in what you want to find and click the “search” button.

Voilà, you just gained a PCH entry!

What Can You Win Using PCHSearch&Win?

There are a variety of great prizes you can win by using PCHSearch&Win, including instant prizes, SuperPrize entries, and you can also score tokens.

For instance, by creating a free account and searching PCHSearch&Win right now, you will be entered to win $7,000 a week for the rest of your life. At the same time, you could also win great instant prizes like Amazon gift cards, cash prizes, and tons of other fantastic rewards.

Just take a look at these PCHSearch&Win winners who have won everything from $5 Amazon gift cards to $1,000,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House!

What Can I Search Using PCHSearch&Win?

One of the beautiful things about PCHSearch&Win is that it works just like any other search engine. This means that you can search for any topic imaginable such as job opportunities, weather reports, news stories, websites, coupons, information about sports events, and anything else you might search using engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Also, be aware that you don’t even need to click any of the search results to be entered to win. Just by searching on PCHSearch&Win, you are automatically entered to win tons of great prizes. Just be sure that you remember to login to your account before you start searching!

Is PCHSearch&Win Free?

Just like other online search engines and all of PCH’s sweepstakes and giveaways, PCHSearch&Win is completely free and does not require purchase of any kind.

All you have to do is create an account or log in to your existing account and start searching!

Looking for Big Winnings with PCHSearch&Win

Publishers Clearing House is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to help our followers win more prizes more often. PCHSearch&Win is the most recent way we have come up with to dole out a greater number of rewards and provide more SuperPrize entries and we are excited to see what you think.

Let us know in the comments below if you have used PCHSearch&Win yet. If not, are you excited for this new opportunity to win? What will be the first search you conduct?

Visit PCHSearch&Win Now and Conduct Your Winning Search

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  3. I use phone search&win all the time. Mostly when you send me my emails to do so. I do search extra and think I go above and beyond while doing it. Lol. But you are so right!! It is EASY and everytime I watch a winning moment for another pch fan, I think about how I would be feeling and i feel it so hard and effortlessly I have to fight back the tears. I’m Kayla from iowa and I’m in it to win it. Some days are harder than others and some days are really really hard. I’m still here and I am waiting for you to come and save me. Lord knows I need saved. 🙏 I’m young pch I want to enjoy my life and take care of my family too so that they can enjoy there’s. I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting and it seems like that’s all I’ll ever do in life is wait for what never will happen… but I hope this is the best decision I’ve made in my life by entering the sweepstakes and anyone who didn’t think I was doing anything worth it.. or even thought I was worth it will too see the possibility of winning and it happening to anybody. I need this once in a lifetime winning moment. Love you guys come to iowa for me please.