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#WinnerWednesday: Eddie Cox Never Gave Up … And Won Big

It was a rainy day in Richmond Hill, GA, but that didn’t stop the Prize Patrol from brightening Eddie Cox’s day recently! After Howie showed up at Eddie’s door with an amazing offer, Eddie had quite the difficult choice to make. Read on to find out what it was!

“What’d I do?”

With one look at the cameras and at Howie’s pearly whites, Eddie knew exactly what he was getting himself into. “Publishers Clearing House?” he guessed. “Bingo!” responded Howie. But as it turned out, Eddie wasn’t used to winning giant checks on rainy days, because he next asked … “What’d I do?” He even still had his gloves on from a long day of working around the house.

But then came the kicker: Eddie had won PCH’s weekly prize — the Outdoor Package — and was on his way to winning a Polaris all-terrain vehicle (ATV), Yeti coolers, and all sorts of other cool gear. Eddie, who quickly remembered entering our weekly contest, couldn’t believe his luck. His face lit up into a big smile and he declared, “That’s pretty freakin’ awesome!”

But Howie hadn’t made his other big announcement yet…

“Yeah, cut me a check, dawg!”

According to Howie, Eddie had a choice: He could take the ATV, the coolers, and the gear, or he could take a giant check that was worth the same amount. And how much was that, exactly? It was worth $17,046! So … Guess what Eddie decided to go with?

You guessed right. After being given the choice, Eddie quipped without hesitation: “Yeah, cut me a check.” No doubt Eddie knew that $17,046 could go a long way! So, without further ado, Howie switched Eddie’s Outdoor Package for one of our signature giant checks, making Eddie’s smile even bigger. “Yeah, cut me a check, dawg!” Eddie added, elated. “I’m good with that, man. Thanks, brother, I appreciate that!”

Then Howie made the handover even sweeter by revealing that he not only had that big display check, but also a real check that Eddie could deposit immediately — and yes, for $17,046! “That’s a good amount of money, isn’t it?” asked Howie. “That’s sweet,” Eddie agreed, looking at the five figure check with a giant grin.

“You’re stupid if you quit.”

Eddie was definitely aware of his amazing luck, but he also wasn’t sure what to do with his cash. When asked how he might spend his $17,046, Eddie simply said, “I have no idea.” But moments later, he had an idea: “Put it in the freaking bank and save it in these times!” “That’s pretty smart,” said Howie.

Eddie also had helpful, practical advice for any PCH fans looking to win a big check like Eddie’s: “Don’t stop playing. I mean, you’re stupid if you quit,” he shared. “I mean, all the other times I won … It’s not a lot of money, but I knew it was real when I got that first check. Like, ‘Yeah, these guys aren’t playing.’ And then I got another one and another one and another one, and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m not stopping ’til I get something good.”

And now he can finally say he got something good!

So if you’re looking for a big, juicy check to shine some light on your life, then consider pulling an Eddie and never give up on your PCH dreams! As Howie put it, “You gotta keep on at it. You gotta be like Eddie. You gotta enter a lot.”

“You gotta stay on it,” reiterated Eddie. “No ‘Here, there, every now and then.’ Every day! Every day … No question about it. Don’t give up. Keep playing. You’ll win, and you’ll be glad you did.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and play!

More ways to win!

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