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Search&Win Lets You Search…And Win!

Have you heard about the easiest way yet to win some cash?! This month, PCH will be awarding the $15,000,000.00 Prize of a Lifetime! YOU have a chance to win this spectacular prize, simply by going to PCHSearch&Win! Just log on and with your first search of the day, you’ll get a chance to win! 

Sounds pretty easy, right?! So are you wondering what you should search for? The possibilities are endless at PCHSearch&Win since anything you search for will count, so why not claim your daily entry by looking up something helpful to celebrate some of our favorite May festivities?

Mother’s Day Ideas!

May 8th is Mother’s Day, aka 24 hours dedicated to celebrating the special women in our lives that make us feel loved, cared for, safe, and held. It’s one of the most beautiful holidays of the year, since mothers happen to play such an important role in our lives, yet don’t get nearly as much appreciation for it as they should! So if you’re all out of ideas on how you want to properly celebrate the mothers in your life, or even spoil yourself if you’re that very mother, why not use the PCHSearch&Win engine?

By simply typing in “Mother’s Day gifts,” you’ll get all sorts of ideas and gift guides, from engraved jewelry, to personalized mugs, to some delicious Edible Arrangements! If the mother you want to honor would feel appreciated by receiving some flowers, research which flower varieties bloom in her favorite color, or happen to symbolize love. If you’re looking to spoil yourself because you’re a mother who deserves it, you can look up nearby establishments to book yourself a massage and treat yourself to a spa day! Don’t let this Mother’s Day go by without making it the most intentional one yet.

Cinco De Mayo Recipes!

Cinco De Mayo, which directly translates to the 5th of May, is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated around the globe! But how can you truly celebrate this special holiday without some homemade guacamole?! Using PCHSearch&Win, you can peruse the internet to get some creative inspo on how you can make this Mexican Independence Day the most delicious one yet. There are so many different ways to enjoy this delicacy, so you can get insight on how to make your guac super savory by adding veggies or beans, or deliciously fruity by adding in some diced mangoes and grapes!

And if you think you already know all there is to know on how to make a truly authentic guacamole just in time for the holiday, you can take our Mexican cuisine quiz to test your foodie knowledge! But of course, you’ll have to wash down all those tortilla chips with something refreshing, won’t you? You can also use PCHSearch&Win to get margarita ideas! From classic, to spicy, to frozen, there are so many ways to responsibly enjoy this Mexican cocktail. Here’s a tip: you can even use some of the leftover lime juice from your guacamole to make your margs all the more delectable!

More Ways To Bank Tokens!

Looking for more fun ways to collect tokens and enter PCH sweepstakes? If you take any of our 20-question quizzes at PCHquizzes, you’ll score 200 tokens for each correct answer — that’s a whopping 4,000 tokens per quiz for answering 100% correctly! You can also peruse a short, entertaining slideshow at PCHfrontpage and, if you click through to another slideshow, you’ll bank 1,000 tokens. Pretty easy, right? You’re welcome! 

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