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#WinnerWednesday: This PCH Winner Won A $1,000,000 SuperPrize!

Our Prize Patrol trio found themselves in Florida to award our latest PCH millionaire! In the middle of cleaning out her closet, Pamela Sessions was surprised to hear knocking on her apartment door Saturday afternoon. She gasped as she opened the door and saw the Prize Patrol smiling back at her with a BIG check for $1,000,000.00!

Overjoyed, Pam said she could really use the money to buy a new car, take a trip to London, and help family members. Her first time winning, Pam has been entering since 2005. Pam called her sister, who also enters the sweepstakes, and both were screaming over her winnings as neighbors in the apartment complex gathered to congratulate her.

Pamela’s advice for others? “Obviously it does happen! People really win! It really happens! Thank you, PCH!” Congratulations, Pamela!

More Ways To Win!

Don’t forget to enter to win YOUR SuperPrize–there are lots of ways to win at!

Looking for more fun ways to collect tokens and enter PCH sweepstakes? If you take any of our brain-tickling, 20-question quizzes at PCHquizzes, you’ll score 200 tokens for each correct answer — that’s a whopping 4,000 tokens per quiz for answering 100% correctly! You can also peruse a short, entertaining slideshow at PCHfrontpage and, if you click through to another slideshow, you’ll bank 1,000 tokens. Pretty easy, right? You’re welcome!

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  1. Would love to win, I’m a S.S.. Would love to be able to help my grandchildren with college.

  2. Prize Patrole let’s roll
    ón over to mt clemens where you can stop for a spring bath while
    daddy d waits for his
    🇺🇲IN IT TO WIN IT🇺🇲
    Huge amount of cash

  3. Wonderful story ❤️ and I am so happy for the winner… yes it is true PCH loves to bring joy and of course money to people who enter.

  4. Congratulations to all of the winners and the newest winter I’ve been in it and entering since 1996 I’m in it to win it 🙏 hoping one day my day will come. That I will hear a knock on my door and when I open up I see big smiles with a big check and I can smile big too I. Can. Say . thank God I have. Won. ❤️😊