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It’s Pet Appreciation Week At PCH!

We know how much you love your pets, and we love ours too! We have some amazing stories from Almost Home Animal Rescue, a pet rescue org near the PCH headquarters, about their adoption success stories. Read on to see some sweeties who found their forever homes.



Darla was one of our dogs rescued from the dog meat trade by The Soi Dog Foundation, in Thailand. She had been poisoned but they were able to get her the proper treatment just in time. She was an extremely nervous fearful girl. She was completely shut down, totally unsure of her environment. Understandable after what she had experienced at the hands of humans. It took her quite some time to adjust and build trust with staff and volunteers. As she got a little more comfortable, her confidence started to grow and she blossomed into the beautiful playful sweet girl we knew she was! 

Potential adopters came in, knowing her story and how shy she was didn’t phase them one bit! They came just about every day to spend time with her and have her get comfortable with them. She took to them very well and now she’s living her best life with an amazing family! 



Jelly came to Almost Home from a shelter down south. A beautiful all grey girl. We started to notice Jelly was not doing as well as when she first arrived. She was seen by a vet who diagnosed her with fatty liver syndrome. She was placed on a few different medications, required fluids daily, and a feeding tube. She required round the clock care. She went right into a foster with a Cattery staff member. After 2 months, Jelly was finally on the road to recovery!

Once this sweet feisty girl was back on her feet, she went to our partners, The Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe, where she found her forever family! They absolutely love and spoil her.


Clementine when she was first found living outside

My dog Clementine was one of Almost Home’s “training wheels” dogs. They would provide her with food and shelter as well as weekly loving visits. Clementine was only used for backyard breeding. There was zero intent of her ever being a beloved pet. Almost Home fought to have her signed over to them so she could experience what it meant to be loved.

I first met Clementine in November 2016 and that was the day I took her home, forever. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is the most loyal, loving dog I have ever known. To say she is part of my soul is an understatement. I thank Almost Home everyday for bringing me my dream dog. From once living outside, to sleeping in a king sized bed every night. She is so beyond loved. 

Clementine getting the snuggles she deserves!


Liberty when she was first taken in by Almost Home

Back in 2018 we received a call from a local town shelter that a dog was being neglected in Nassau County. The dog could not go into shelter because of medical issues, so they contacted Almost Home and a volunteer stepped up to foster her. She had severe mange. It took a year and a half to rehabilitate her. We named her Liberty because she was rescued on July 4. She has since been adopted and is spoiled rotten every day of her life.

Liberty after some time with her new family


Luke (right) and his new brother

Luke found his way to Almost Home from a shelter in Arkansas when he was 6 years old. Shortly after his arrival to Almost Home, Luke was adopted but returned a few times due to resource guarding high value items. He came back to Almost Home underweight and was easily frustrated. Luke spent many days at my house and I shortly learned that Luke loved other dogs and swimming in a doggie pool. Luke and I quickly bonded but then he began to struggle when he was at the rescue and became aggressive at times.

One day a young man accidentally stumbled upon Luke’s photo and said he knew he wanted him the minute he saw his pictures. His dad was patient with his past and could see his potential. Luke now lives with another dog and quite a few chickens where he continues his training and gets many cuddles from his dad. Almost Home has provided Luke’s dad with many resources to ensure he succeeded in his new home. Luke lives a safe and happy life where he enjoys many trips to the beach to go swimming. If it wasn’t for Almost Home, Luke would have not been set up for success in his forever home. 

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  1. It’s very sad to hear they had a rough start. It makes me want all of the animals when I go visit a shelter or rescue. They really deserve a great family with love. Happy to see them getting spoiled now. Enjoy the additions to the family.

  2. Hey!! PCH Dream
    Those doggies are so cute
    I love doggies I would love to adopt one or two one day
    I already have two little girls wouldn’t mind adopting one or two to help out because there the best Furry Friends in the world.

  3. The best thing is a adopted pet. Most are very thankful and a great pet. Be responsible and spay and neuter your pet. Mostly put in a chip to find your pet or your pet find you.
    Good luck all.