Are You Ready To Win “Forever” On October 26?

We guarantee that just days from now, on October 26th, one lucky Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entrant will win $2,500 A Week Forever! That means $2,500 a week for the rest of that person’s life plus – after that – $2,500 a week for the life of a loved one the winner chooses! Wow! I wish […]

New Ford Explorer XLT For Lucky PCH Sweepstakes Winner!!!

You’ve seen it on TV game shows, and you might have even experienced it yourself: that thrilling moment when a person recognizes that he or she can get rid of that old clunker because “OMG!  I have a new car!” Alana Hodge of Paducah, KY could hardly believe what her mother was screaming about.  “Publishers […]

Reconnecting with a PCH Winner from 1989

Once Upon a Time … … a girl named Olga left her homeland of Spain and came to the United States, married Harold, and settled in El Paso, Texas.  Their household grew to include two daughters and two sons. Olga dreamed of someday taking her whole new family to Spain to visit the family she […]

Meet Toby Moore, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” (August 31) Toby Moore was at home on a lunch break from his nearby office when there was a knock on the door.  A package delivery?  A salesman?  But wait!  He saw balloons! roses! cameras! two guys in blue blazers!  It was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol […]

Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House?

Here’s a question that might be on your mind, with our “Win 1,000 A Day For Life” prize event a little over two weeks away: Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House? The answer to this common question is “yes”, but only on a handful of occasions — which isn’t bad in […]

Want the PCH Prize Patrol to Ring Your Doorbell?

I’m sure that you blog-readers and PCH fans have noticed that the PCH Prize Patrol has been on the road awarding more Big Checks than ever before!  That is the truth – not “fake news”!  We’ve been traveling coast to coast and border to border and everywhere in between.  Newspaper and TV reporters have been covering […]