Behind The Scenes On Award Day: Who Is the $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 Prize Winner?

Hello again, fans and friends! Do you know what today is?  Well, it could be your lucky day if you’ve been entering to win our exciting $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 event prize. Have you completed your PCHlotto cards? I sure hope so! Because today someone out there will become a BIG cash winner! And the […]

#WinnerWednesday: PCH Winners Speak Out!

Greetings, fans and fans! Happy #WinnerWednesday! Have you noticed that there are so many winners lately! I’ll say! Just read this blog and marvel at all the prizes we’ve given away within the past few weeks! And because today is #WinnerWednesday, when we celebrate PCH winners of smaller prizes, I’d like to let these happy […]

#WinnerWednesday: Celebrate PCH Winners on National Avocado Day!

Greetings, fans and fans! Happy #WinnerWednesday and … happy and happy National Avocado Day! Yes, a quick search on PCHSearch&Win revealed that today, July 31, is National Avocado Day, and I must admit, while I love to eat any and every kind of food, I’m not crazy about avocados. How about you?   What I […]

Who Will Win PCH’s Roman/Rory Sweepstakes Today?

Fans and friends, Publishers Clearing House is doing it AGAIN! We’re giving away another GUARANTEED prize today – $10,000.00 to be exact – in the Roman/Rory Sweepstakes! The last day to enter was July 15, so we hope you all entered to win. Just to recap … since men and women have different health interests, […]

#WinnerWednesday: PCH Prize Winners Love Their Emojis!

Greetings, fans and fans! Happy #WinnerWednesday and … and happy World Emoji Day! That’s right, while doing some quick research on PCHSearch&Win, I discovered that today, July 17, is World Emoji Day, a time to celebrate those cute little characters we add to our texts, social media posts and, as you fans know, comments here […]

Who Will Win $100,000.00 at PCH Keno Today?

Another week, another big award – or so it seems lately here at PCH! Why, just last month we welcomed another new millionaire into the PCH Winners Circle, Cedric Littlejohn, of Buffalo, NY … followed by yet another millionaire last Wednesday, Uma Gwaltney of Clarence, NY. This past Wednesday we also awarded a new Ford® […]