An “Ode” To Winning $1,000 A Day For Life From PCH!

If you won $1,000 A Day For Life, You could say “farewell” to financial strife. You could help your husband, kids or wife If you won $1,000 A Day For Life. $1,000 A Day For Life is “booked” As the prize for our Special Early Look, An event little more than a week away: August […]

It’s Always FREE To Enter To WIN At PCH!

But of course, as an employee, I can’t.  So, every Friday, I hand a “fiver” to my PCH pal, Phil, who heads up our office’s lottery pool.  That’s $260 for the year!  And my husband pays into the pool at HIS office … and he frequently buys scratch-off cards.  All in all, that’s a LOT […]

Our July Token Exchange Winners Are Summer Sensations!

Holy smokes … can you believe how fast this summer is going by? And our July PCH Token Exchange Winners made it sizzle!  They won seriously cool Free Prizes all month long – brand name appliances, instant cash plus gift cards from top retailers and restaurants. All for just racking up PCH Tokens at our […]

PCH’S Top 5 Most Common Reactions to Winning

I love watching videos of PCH “Winning Moments,” when our lucky winners open the door to see the Prize Patrol with their “Big Check.” The winners’ reactions always make me smile, laugh or even choke up! Every PCH winner is unique, of course, but over the years, we’ve observed the Top 5 Most Common Reactions […]

If You Woke Up Tomorrow A Millionaire, How Would You Spend Your Day?

As a Publishers Clearing House employee, I could never win one of PCH’s famous millionaire-making prizes – but YOU could! In fact, you could win a life-changing PCH fortune very soon: $1,000 A DAY FOR LIFE in our August 31st Prize Event.  With $1,000 coming in every day for life, you’d become a millionaire in […]

The Wall of Winners is Growing Every Day!

Right inside the front door of PCH headquarters here in Long Island, we’ve got a big, beautiful gallery of “Winning Moment” photos — pictures of our winners receiving their roses, balloons and BIG CHECKS — and we’re adding new faces all the time! It makes me feel good to see our winners’ smiling faces every […]