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Danielle’s Desk: How Do I Get To The Links on Videos?

Hi, everyone, Happy Friday! Did you see the latest Danielle’s Desk? In case you didn’t know, Danielle’s Desk is a video series where Danielle answers your questions about PCH! In her latest message, Danielle explains how to find the links we talk about in our PCH To-Do List videos on YouTube! Thanks, Danielle! To recap, […]

Congrats August Token Exchange Winners!

Hello everyone, How was your August? I hope it was full of summer fun! Good times with friends and family, hanging out outside, soaking up the sun! August was definitely a good month for these special PCH fans! They traded their tokens for chances to win exciting prizes at the PCH Token Exchange, and they […]

Congrats To The Winners of Brad Paisley’s American Relief Sweepstakes!

Hey, PCH fans, Remember Brad Paisley’s American Relief Sweepstakes? We’re proud to report it was a massive success! Together, PCH and Brad Paisley gave out $50,000.00 in prizes to people all over the country! In case you missed it, Brad even popped in for a call with the $10,000.00 winner, Karen S. of Gainsville, NY! […]

So Many July PCH Token Exchange Winners!

Hey, PCH fans! Summer is heating up! And so are our prizes! On the PCH Token Exchange there’s new winners every day! As we get closer to awarding a millionaire-making SuperPrize on Aug. 31, let’s look back at July’s Token Exchange Winners. These people are from all over, but they have one thing in common. […]