Behind the Scenes as PCH Awards a BIG $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize!

Greetings, fans and friends, Happy Friday! But even more importantly, Happy PCH Pay Day! It feels like yesterday when we went behind the scenes with the PCH Prize Patrol as we awarded $5,000 A Week “Forever” to Crystal Crawford of Jamaica, NY on February 28th. And it was only a little over a month ago […]

Crystal Crawford’s PCH winner’s visit made us all SO happy!

Guys, I’m very lucky to have worked at Publishers Clearing House for a long, LONG time. I love the people here, I enjoy the work I do — and I’m especially thrilled to write these blogs, hoping that I’ll get people to enter and hopefully become WINNERS. But my absolute FAVORITE thing about being a […]

More Words From Winners!

Do you like to have a good chat with a friend? Who doesn’t, right? It’s great to share your thoughts and feelings with someone who will “get you,” and immediately understand what you’re going through. Well, I like to think that all of you out there who are true-blue “in-it-2-win-it” PCH fans are those kinds […]

#WinnerWednesday: What’s the Trick to Winning a PCH Prize?

Abracadabra! Alakazam! Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Cards that disappear from the deck and end up in your pocket. A rabbit that’s whisked from a hat. A lady who seems to be sawed in half but then prances out from the wings of the stage – how do they do that?  Well, I […]

Interview with Son of “Forever” Prize Winner!

It’s been a busy week here at PCH HQ! We recently had $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize winner Crystal Crawford and her family stop by PCH Headquarters! We had a wonderful time meeting all of Crystal’s family. As you may recall, Crystal lived in New York City, so it wasn’t too hard to convince her […]

Follow Up with Our Newest “Forever” Prize Winner!

When Crystal Crawford got up that morning, she didn’t think much was different about her day. She left her older son at home and walked down the street to her job in New York City. Little did she know, just a 30-minute drive away, the PCH Prize Patrol was getting ready to leave their headquarters […]