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Have You Seen the Latest PCH TV Commercials?

Greetings, fans and friends, The PCH Prize Patrol van rolls down Main Street in Heartland America. Todd’s at the wheel. There’s Danielle and Howie in the back seat with the Big Check and the balloons. And who’s that in the passenger seat … Terry Bradshaw??!! THE Terry Bradshaw … the first player selected in the […]

How Would Your Holidays Be Different If You Win This Friday?

Talk about a jolly surprise package!  Imagine opening the door this Friday, December 21st to see the Prize Patrol holding a Big Check made out to YOU! They’re set to deliver a HUGE prize in days in our imminent $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event, when we take a special early look to see if […]

With 1 Week Until Prize Day, Where Will The Winner Be Found?

With just one week to go until prize day and Wayne Brady encouraging everyone to enter for a shot at winning $7,000 A Week for Life , I took a shot at rewriting the famous childhood poem, “Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone?” by Philadelphia-born songwriter and owner of an all-time great […]

What Would You Buy With $7,000.00 A Week For Life?

I suppose we all have our own secret wishes and desires! But have you ever stopped to really think about what you would do if you suddenly had $7,000.00 A Week  to spend? And I’m not just talking about having that kind of money for a little while … I’m talking about getting it every […]

What Feast Would You Choose to Celebrate Winning $7,000 A Week For Life?

FOOD!  One of my favorite topics! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we’ve all been thinking about the annual “Turkey Day” blowout!  But there could be ANOTHER celebration menu coming up for a winner of our $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event on December 21st. (Even if the winning number does not get timely returned or is […]