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Behind the Scenes at PCH: Meet My
PCH Neighbor, Mary Jane!

In our Blogs, we love showing you how real-live people really win BIG, life-changing prizes at Publishers Clearing House. (Like our guaranteed $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” award just around the corner!) We also want to introduce you to some real-live PCHers who help make all the magic happen – specifically our talented art director, Mary […]

Behind The Scenes On Award Day: Who Is the $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 Prize Winner?

Hello again, fans and friends! Do you know what today is?  Well, it could be your lucky day if you’ve been entering to win our exciting $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 event prize. Have you completed your PCHlotto cards? I sure hope so! Because today someone out there will become a BIG cash winner! And the […]

$10K Cash for School – Who Is The Winner?

Can you remember entering to win $10,000.00 in cash for school? Remember, the advertisement said you’d receive $10,000.00 that you could use to pay tuition and other costs if you won? Yup, the ad at the top of this page! It’s all coming back to you now! Well, ready or not, here it comes! Have […]

Crystal Crawford’s PCH winner’s visit made us all SO happy!

Guys, I’m very lucky to have worked at Publishers Clearing House for a long, LONG time. I love the people here, I enjoy the work I do — and I’m especially thrilled to write these blogs, hoping that I’ll get people to enter and hopefully become WINNERS. But my absolute FAVORITE thing about being a […]

Behind-The-Scenes At “Inside PCH”

“Inside PCH” has been entertaining fans and awarding tens of thousands of dollars to viewers since August 2017, but rarely have we taken a look behind-the-scenes of PCH’s popular web series to find out just how the show comes together – and how many funny moments happen that viewers never get to see. As one […]

Meet Stefanie: Behind the Scenes with PCH’s New Senior Manager of Social!

Hi everyone! We’ve been very excited about our new blog installment where we highlight PCH employees and tell you a little bit about them and their day-to-day. Next up on the list, MEET STEFANIE, our new Senior Manager of Social Media! I sat down with Stefanie and asked her a few behind the scenes juicy […]