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Did You Watch the Big Game? Or Just Tune in for the Commercials?

Hey, PCH fans! If you’re reading this, you’re obviously a fan of Publishers Clearing House, but are you also a football watcher who tuned in for last night’s Big Game? Or maybe you’re like some people I know? Those folks who talk through the game and then get quiet when the commercials start playing! One […]

Winning “Forever” Would Be The Greatest Touchdown Of All!

It’s here! It’s finally here! The Big Game is THIS Sunday! And after an exciting NFL season, it all comes down to Atlanta taking on New England to be crowned champions. While you might not be playing in the Big Game, you could still score the greatest touchdown of all — winning $5,000 A Week […]

The Big Game Day is Over … But The Winning Never Stops at PCH!

Congratulations to you loyal Seattle fans! And for you sad Denver enthusiasts, well … there’s always Big Game Day ’15! I have a terrible confession to make, football fans. I know it seems almost un-American, but I don’t know anything about football. When folks start talking about  “home field advantage,” and “intentional grounding,” my eyes kind […]