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Get in to Win Over $1 Million for Your Dream Home!

Hey there, friends and fans! What does your dream home look like? Is it a large cabin in a secluded wood, complete with a lakeside view and a firepit for summer night barbecues? Or maybe it’s a glass modern mansion stacked with terraces and a saltwater pool? Perhaps it’s your current home, knocked down and […]

Meet Rhonda Wagner, PCH’s New $1.25 Million Winner!

December 2nd was a chilly, drizzly day in Roseville, California. But that didn’t stop Rhonda Wagner from throwing open the front door – because through the screen-door she saw nothing but sunshine. Let’s face it, it’s always fair weather when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives – with roses, balloons and a Big Check! And we […]

Enter to Win $1.25 Million For A Dream Home Before It’s Too Late!

Let me say this first – the Prize Patrol is DEFINITELY hitting the road on November 30th to award a HUGE prize! Could they travel to your home to deliver $1,250,000.00 for a Dream Home? This is soon after your big Thanksgiving meal, but don’t let the turkey put to you sleep on this one! […]

Design Your Millionaire Dream Home!

I bet just about everyone, at some point, visualized what their dream home would look like – especially PCHers! Hoping for a SuperPrize win is great inspiration for dream home fantasies! For today though, we’re going to have a little fun and play a game. I want you to design your own Millionaire Dream Home using […]