Did Ed McMahon work for Publishers Clearing House?

He didn’t! But why do so many people think this? Many people might remember actor and comedian Ed McMahon, best known as Johnny Carson’s sidekick on The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. And some people might remember him as the spokesperson or even the founder of Publishers Clearing House, even part of our PCH […]

The PCH Prize Patrol Is Still Awarding Prizes – Find Out How!

As our country adapts in this new era of heightened caution, we’re all coming together in concern for each other’s health and well-being. And as a Publishers Clearing House fan, you may be wondering how the PCH Prize Patrol will be sharing winning moments going forward. We recently explained that prize winners are still being […]

Meet Rhonda Wagner, PCH’s New $1.25 Million Winner!

December 2nd was a chilly, drizzly day in Roseville, California. But that didn’t stop Rhonda Wagner from throwing open the front door – because through the screen-door she saw nothing but sunshine. Let’s face it, it’s always fair weather when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives – with roses, balloons and a Big Check! And we […]

Happy Thanksgiving, from Publishers Clearing House!

“T-Day” Greetings, my dear Blog pals! Ask PCHers (like me) what we’re especially thankful for this Thanksgiving, and we’ll say “YOU.” No kidding: if it weren’t for our faithful friends (like you) who enter our contests, read our Blogs, play our games and search the Web with us, there would BE no us at 300 […]

Most Common Prize Patrol Questions: ANSWERED!

Hi everyone it’s Danielle Lam of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. I truly believe I have one of the best and most interesting jobs out there…and usually people I meet think so, too! As you could imagine, we get a ton of questions when we’re on the road changing peoples’ lives all over the […]