Who Will Win the Ford® Explorer Today?

Greetings, fans and friends! Another day … another Giveaway … another happy PCH prize winner! As you probably know, on June 30th, we awarded $1 Million to a lucky winner in Los Angeles. Then, on July 8th, we awarded our $1 Million Keno Cashout event prize to another lucky winner in Oregon. And today, July […]

Who Will Win $1,000,000.00 From PCH Today?

Greetings, fans and friends! If you’d like to become today’s PCH’s winner of a $1,000,000 SuperPrize, say “I do!” Oh, I hear a lot of “I do’s” out there! From the east coast … to the west coast … to the heartland of America and every place in-between, ALL of you would like to become […]

PCH Winners Have the “Write” Stuff!

Greetings, Fans and Friends – and happy #WinnerWednesday! You may know, from reading my blog posts, that I love searching on PCHSearch&Win to find out what little known holiday or observances fall on #WinnerWednesday. Well, today, June 10th, is Ball Point Pen Day! There’s a famous phrase that goes “The pen is mightier than the […]

PCH Fans Are In It to Win It Any Time of Day or Night!

Greetings, Fans and Friends – it’s #Winner Wednesday! Today, May 13th, is National Third Shift Workers Day, also known as National Night Shift Workers Day, honoring all workers who work hard through the night, night after night. National Third Shift Workers Day is especially significant right now because of all our essential workers – healthcare […]

#Winner Wednesday: What Do Transit Drivers and PCH Sweepstakes Have in Common?

Greetings, Fans and Friends, And Happy #Winner Wednesday, the day we celebrate PCH’s smaller prize winners! As you may know from reading these #WinnerWednesday blogs, I like to go to PCHSearch&Win and find out what type of unusual holiday or observance to write about. And today, March 18, is Transit Driver Appreciation Day! Bus drivers […]

#WinnerWednesday: March Forth and Enter to Win the PCH Sweeps!

Greetings, fans and friends! Happy #WinnerWednesday! … and Happy March Forth and Do Something Day! That’s right, a simple search on PCHSearch&Win enlightened me that today is March Forth and Do Something Day! March 4th – March Forth, get it? I found out that a great way to celebrate March Forth and Do Something Day […]