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#WinnerWednesday: More Real PCH Winners Share Their Winning Stories!

Greetings, fans and friends, and welcome to another inspiring #WinnerWednesday blog, where real PCH winners tell us about their small but mighty wins! I’ve been combing through your comments, and I found 5 winners who wanted all of you to know that PCH is the real deal. Yeah, baby, PCH is for real! That’s what Lisa […]

It’s Always FREE To Enter To WIN At PCH!

But of course, as an employee, I can’t.  So, every Friday, I hand a “fiver” to my PCH pal, Phil, who heads up our office’s lottery pool.  That’s $260 for the year!  And my husband pays into the pool at HIS office … and he frequently buys scratch-off cards.  All in all, that’s a LOT […]

May Was A MARVELOUS Month In Winning at PCHSearch&Win!

Wow! May was an AMAZING Month in Winning – so many PCH fans became PCH winners and took home PCH prizes from PCHSearch&Win! And we’re so excited to fill you in on some of the prize wins that occurred during the marvelous month of May! Like I said, so many PCH Fans brought home prize […]

PCH Prizes are in full bloom for April Winners!

April Showers bring… PCH PRIZES! This Month in Winning leads in to a bright and sunny start to the month of May as we congratulate all of our April PCHSearch&Win Winners on their amazing prize wins! Hip, hip, hooray! As you can tell, I’m so excited to share this awesome news with you! In the […]