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PCHSearch&Win: What to Search for This June 2022

Summer is around the corner and things are heating up fast. You’re probably starting to look up daily weather reports, fun stuff to do this summer, and new clothes for the new season. But did you know you can get the chance to win one of many PCH prizes just by looking all that information […]

Back To School Recipes With PCHSearch&Win!

It’s that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON! Whether you’re a mom, dad, grand-mom, grand-dad, aunt or uncle, this one’s for you! The little ones are bright and growing, and right now they’re gearing up to learn and become their best selves. There are lots of ways to help, but one really important […]

Spice Up Spring With Delicious Recipes From PCHSearch&Win

Spring has finally sprung, PCH fans! It’s officially April and even though it’s still a bit chilly here at PCH headquarters, we are finally starting to get the first few hints of springtime weather. Aside from the change in season, one of my favorite things about Spring is trying out new, lighter recipes. In fact, […]

The PCHSearch&Win Triple 7s Event Starts NOW!

Hey there, friends and fans! Are you excited for our Triple 7s Event at PCHSearch&Win? Have you used PCHSearch&Win before? If not, I highly recommend it — it’s the internet’s premiere search engine for winning opportunities! So not only can it aid you on your quest for knowledge (whether you’re checking out restaurant and hotel […]

Get DOUBLE ENTRIES for a chance to Win $100.00 CASH on New Year’s Day At PCHSearchandWin!

Ring in the New Year with extra CASH! Simply head on over to PCHSearchandWin today and search to receive DOUBLE entries for a chance to WIN CASH on New Year’s Day! But, HURRY because today is the last day to enter. Ah, New Year’s Day! How will you be spending your time? Will you be […]

The Internet Has Just Become More Powerful!

I can’t find things sometimes. My “senior moments” can be so frustrating! A few days ago I realized I forgot my cell phone in the office. I went all the way back to the office and retrieved my phone, then realized I left my wallet while getting the phone. It’s safe to say that I […]