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Interview with $1,000,000.00 Publishers Clearing House Winner Betty Patchett!

When a person becomes a Publishers Clearing House winner, a lot of things typically go through their head. Honestly, it’s a lot to overwhelm anyone! I can’t think of a better recent example of this than Betty Patchett, our most recent $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize winner! It all happened in late December. Betty was doing some training for […]

Words With A Publishers Clearing House Winner – Fran Chargar

We all know that the Prize Patrol will go wherever the newest $1,000,000.00 Publishers Clearing House winner lives, whether it’s the Alaskan tundra or the mountains of Colorado. So when the latest randomly selected winner was just an hour or so drive from the Publishers Clearing House headquarters, they could hardly believe their luck! Winner […]

Ask A Publishers Clearing House Winner!

It was a warm Friday in early October, and the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol was jogging up the driveway of winner Fran Chargar. They couldn’t wait to let her know that she was a Publishers Clearing House winner! She was about to receive not one, but two, big checks. One was for $1,000,000.00 and […]

SuperPrize Winner Follow-Up Interview with Eva Heatley!

Publishers Clearing House winner Eva Heatley and her husband already had a lot to celebrate. It was a beautiful day, and it just happened to be their wedding anniversary! So when her neighbor called to say there was a “package” waiting at her door, Eva figured it had to be related to that. “Our neighbor […]

Follow-Up With Publishers Clearing House Winner Martha Fryar!

It was April 28th, and Publishers Clearing House Prize Day! The Prize Patrol was out on the road, and fans were following along online to see who was going be the next big Publishers Clearing House winner! Now normally, winner Martha Fryar can’t wait for Prize Day because … well, you never know! But on […]