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Watch Steve Harvey with the Prize Patrol in New Commercials!

He’s BACK! TV’s Steve Harvey is with the Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House in a brand-new series of commercials! Of course, the BIG news is that we’re prepared to give away $2,500 A Week For LIFE, but it just seems extra special coming from Steve Harvey! “You’ve got to be ‘In It To Win […]

The New “Set For Life” Prize TV Commercials Are Here!

You heard it here! The new “Set For Life” prize is back! Yes, the wonderful, magnificent, fabulous $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize is back and ready for action! I mean, what could be better than winning $7,000 every week for the rest of your life? Just imagine, no more debt, bills paid on time, family […]

Ready For Our Summer Prize Event? Watch Our Exciting TV Commercials!

Here at PCH, we can’t begin to explain the excitement we have for our new $15 Million Summer Prize Event! Yes, you read that right! On August 31st, YOU could become the newest winner when you enter our $15 Million prize event! WOW – that’s a big chunk of change if you ask me! And […]

The New “Set For Life” Prize TV Commercials Are Here!

“OH MY GOSH!” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” “GET OUT OF HERE!” What would YOU say to $7,000.00 EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR LIFE? I mean – really think about it! Imagine receiving $7,000 every single week for your entire life! Just picture the financial stability you could have if YOU were our next winner! That’s right, the […]