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Follow Up with “Win It All” Prize Winner Ruth Johnson!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the Inside PCH video studio, and it was the end of our PCH Day live broadcast. We were watching the live video feed as Dave and Derek of the Prize Patrol were approaching the door of our soon-to-be-announced winner of our “Win It All” prize–$1,000,000.00 […]

Meet Ruth Johnson, Winner of Our “Win It All” SuperPrize

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” on June 29th, Ruth Johnson looked out the door and wondered why her dog Cassy was barking and why neighbors on the street were so excited.  Within seconds she knew!  The Prize Patrol van pulled into her driveway, and Derek and yours truly (Dave) rushed up the steps with […]


ALERT: By time you read this, there will be less than 24 hours before Publishers Clearing House closes the door forever on this “Win It All” prize. Come midnight (ET) tonight, the people behind-the-scenes go to work – identifying the winner, making travel arrangements for the Prize Patrol, printing a “Big Check,” etc. – all […]

#PCHOpeningDoors: Who Would You Want To Open The Door To?

If you could open the door and see ANYONE standing on the other side, who would you want it to be? This Friday, one lucky winner will win our “Win It All” PCH sweepstakes and see the Prize Patrol standing outside their door with a “Big Check” of $1,000,000.00 plus $1,000.00 A Week For Life! […]

One Week Until We Open Someone’s Door…Will It Be Yours? #PCHOpeningDoors

Hi, everyone! I’m sure you’re all getting pretty excited that we will be awarding a GUARANTEED Win It All prize IN JUST ONE WEEK, huh?! I mean, it doesn’t really get much better than THAT! One lucky winner will be receiving $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life PLUS a brand new car on […]

Win More Than Cash With The “Win It All” Prize!!!

By now, you’ve seen all the entry opportunities, online ads, and TV commercials for the “Win It All” prize – $1,000,000 immediately plus $1,000 A Week for Life – and how it’s guaranteed to be awarded June 29. And that’s great! Another guaranteed prize shows just how committed Publishers Clearing House is to be making […]