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Win $100,000.00 In Dave’s 500th Delivery Event

After decades of delivering big checks to winners across the nation, Dave is making his 500th Prize Delivery on March 31! And to celebrate, he’s going to bring a special $100,000.00 prize to one lucky winner! That’s right, someone will win BIG money in Dave’s 500th Delivery Event! We don’t know whose door he’ll knock […]

5 Ways $1,000 A Day for Life Could Change Your Life

In case you haven’t noticed, the current Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize is one of the most lucrative on record – $1,000 A Day for Life!!! The easy math says that’s $365,000 a year, and that’s a not-too-shabby income. I mean, there are plenty of ways to earn $1,000 a day for life, right? You could […]

Want to Change Your World? Try Publishers Clearing House!

A truly world-changing event often is hard to come by and, if you’re lucky, you might just see a few in your lifetime. And believe it or not, there are everyday things all around us that have changed the world as we know it – and they all resulted from contests just like those at […]

Looking For Bill Paying Solutions? This Could Help!

Many of our blog readers comment that if they won a PCH SuperPrize, the first thing they’d do is pay off bills. You might even say that winning PCH  is the ultimate in bill paying solutions! Winning one of our big SuperPrize sweepstakes means you wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night stressing […]