Winning PCH Would Be Like Taking A Summer Vacation All Year Long!

Summer Vacation is just about here! School’s out, the weather is nice, and the beach is calling all of our names. I can hear it now… Imagine if you won from PCH Sweepstakes. If you did, every day would be like taking a summer vacation! Yes, you could take an all year long summer vacation […]


“What state do you think the next PCH winner will live in?” is a popular question amongst PCH Fans. Another inquiry is, “Has anyone in my state won a prize?” Thinking about these common questions gave me a fun idea… Well, the current PCH SuperPrize is $25,000.00 A Month For Life! Wow. Can you imagine […]

Privacy Please! PCH Scammers May Be Watching!

Greetings, fans and friends! Here’s what I know about you, dear fans and friends: I know you want to win the PCH Sweeps. I know you’re trying your best to get your entries in. I know you are taking advantage of every opportunity to go for a PCH prize. And because I always read your […]

With $25,000 A Month for Life, How Would You Spread the Wealth?

If you were to win $25,000 a month for life, with whom would you share the prize? Of course, there is the usual cast of characters – family (spouse, children, etc.), close friends, people less fortunate/people in need, charities, and religious organizations; but don’t let the ideas stop there. After all, if you were to […]

Where Would You Dine To Celebrate $25,000.00 A Month For Life?

Whether we want to admit it or not, when something good happens, we eat for joy! You know what I mean. We make plans for a celebratory lunch, go out for a nice dinner or treat ourselves to a delicious dessert. We eat all the time, but eating becomes extra special when it’s a celebration. […]

Where Do They Get All Those Wonderful PCH Games?

Checking In with George Berger, Senior Game Designer and Animation Dude PCHgames has been experiencing something of a renaissance lately thanks to the PCH Games Studio – an amazing cast of characters who concept, create, design, draw, animate, and do everything else that make these games and the winning opportunities that come with them – […]

How Would You Go Green If You Won For Life from PCH?

Have you been hoping to make renovations to your home to go green, but don’t have the funds to make the home renovations you’ve dreamt about possible for you and your family? Well, then, we have some good news for you! If you win for life from PCH Sweepstakes, you could finally go green and […]


Attention students and parents of students – PCH has something just for you! It’s our $10,000.00 Cash for School sweeps, and time is running out! Have you seen this particular sweepstakes yet? Well, it’s a good one, because all students and parents of students know how expensive school can be. An extra $10 Grand would […]

#WinnerWednesday: PCH Prize Winners Are Bustin’ Out All Over!

With this being my first #WinnerWednesday blog for the month of June, Happy June, PCH fans and friends! It’s time once again to celebrate PCH winners of smaller prizes! As the line from the musical Carousel goes, “June is bustin’ out all over” … and it truly is! The roses are in bloom, those flip-flops […]

$15,000 Win Fall Prize Patrol Winner Recap!

Hello, PCH fans! We get to write about so many great things here on the PCH Blog. Our Editor-in-Chief Amanda passes out our weekly assignments, and it’s nearly always a surprise what our next one will be! Several weeks ago, Amanda emailed me to let me know I’d be working on a recap of a […]