Meet Eddie Hargraves, Our Newest Million Dollar SuperPrize Winner

When we surprised Eddie Hargraves of Oklahoma City, OK, on January 14 we must have knocked his socks off.  Not just because we were delivering a Big Check worth $1 Million, but because he came to the door barefoot — in a t-shirt and shorts ready to take a nap. “How ya doin’ today?” we […]

Will YOU Become Our Next “Forever” Prize Winner?

A Rap by Debbie K. about the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize It is my endeavor, It’s now or it’s neverTo spotlight the peopleWho have won “Forever.” Because we’re awarding on February twenty-eightA guaranteed “Forever” prize to make you wanna celebrate:Five-K-a-Week for the life of the winner,(Sounds to me like champagne every night with your […]

Looking for Nearby Restaurants this Weekend? Use PCHSearch&Win!

Let me ask you a question….Are you looking for  nearby restaurants this weekend? Who enjoys going out to dinner from time to time? Who enjoys gathering with family, friends, or a significant other and indulging in a delicious meal coupled with good conversation and atmosphere?! I know I do! But for me, finding a great […]

Not A VIP Yet? Here Are Top 5 Perks You’re Missing Out On!

Hey there, friends and fans! This should come as no surprise, but PCH LOVES its fans! And seeing as we’ve given out over $410 MILLION in prizes since we started our sweepstakes in 1967, we clearly love to let it show! Our VIP and VIP Elite fans — which I’ve been told include a number […]

NEW Daily Prize Giveaway in the PCH App!

Download the PCH App NOW! There are so many ways you could win big over there, and you don’t want to miss out. That’s why we’re telling you about a great opportunity to win, right here: you’re encouraged to download it NOW to get in to win the NEW daily prize giveaway! Already have the […]

#WinnerWednesday: YEAH!!! These Happy People Won A PCH Prize!

Greetings, fans and friends, In my last #WinnerWednesday blog, I shined the spotlight on several folks who had commented on past blogs, letting everyone know how happy they were to be PCH winners of smaller prizes. Well, the comments kept coming … and coming … and coming! And so, I present to you – drumroll, […]

The $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize is Guaranteed!

As the Seven (so far!) bona-fide PCH winners above will tell you, the PCH “Forever” Prize is the real deal. We absolutely guarantee to award another one — our eighth in under seven years! —next month, on February 28th. Yes, that’s the day someone will win $5,000 A Week For Life, with prize payments continuing […]

What Would Be The First Thing You’d Spend A Big Check On?

Imagine being home one day, hearing a knock at the door, and opening it to see the Prize Patrol standing on your front steps with balloons, champagne and of course a BIG CHECK in hand! This fantasy has become a reality for so many of our loyal fans. The life-changing prizes awarded by the PCH […]

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Bad Do You Want To Become The Next “Forever” Prize Winner?

There’s hoping, and then there is HOPING! With all eyes on the upcoming SuperPrize, we need to know … HOW BAD do you want to win the next “Forever” Prize, GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED to a lucky winner on February 28th?  Think about it. On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your desire to […]

Follow-Up With $2.5 Million Mega Prize PCH Winner Carol Guiles!

When someone becomes a PCH winner, one of the interview questions I always ask is “before the Prize Patrol showed up, did anything feel different about that day?” Oftentimes the answer to this question is “no, not really!” but every once in a while, someone surprises me, like recent winner Carol Guiles! “The day before, […]