Sweepstakes Lovers: Do You Know About All The Sweepstakes At PCH.com?

Hey Blog Team,

It has come to my attention that some of you may be missing out on PCH.com Sweepstakes opportunities that could win you BIG CASH PRIZES … so I thought now is the perfect time to band together here on the blog and make sure that doesn’t happen to our friends!

You see, when you visit PCH.com, you are taken to the Homepage:

Sweepstakes homepage

There, you can go for the LIFE-CHANGING PCH SUPERPRIZE and FIVE additional Sweepstakes Prizes.  Right now they’re called:

$1,000 Prize Patrol Payday
All Access Sports Experience
$1 Million Official Certificate
Aces High
Red Hot Roulette

Just like with our Scratch-offs, these change periodically, but there are always Sweepstakes on the PCH.com Homepage — and I’m sure most of you know about them already.

What I’m worried about is that you’re missing something else.  SOMETHING BIG!  SOMETHING that could bring you the Winning Moment you’ve been waiting for … and that SOMETHING is the SWEEPSTAKES TAB!

Sweepstakes at pch.com (2)

If you haven’t been going there daily, you’ve been missing out on SO MANY WAYS TO WIN hot prizes like $1,000…$50,000…and even $1,000,000!  And I don’t want that to happen to anyone!

For those of you who haven’t seen it, this is just a look at what you’ll find on the PCH Sweepstakes Tab (there are SO MANY SWEEPSTAKES I can’t even get them to fit on one page!):

Sweepstakes at pch.com

Note – you can go for each opportunity once a day, but some of these (like the PCH SuperPrize) are already part of the fun on the homepage so, if you’ve played on the homepage, they’ll be grayed out here, and vice versa.

Okay, so now that you know what the Sweepstakes Tab is, I’m hoping we can work together to spread the word and make sure no one misses any of these opportunities!  Will you help me?

If you’re already a sweepstakes lover who has been taking advantage of the Sweepstakes Tab, that’s great!  Why not encourage other Blog Team friends to give it a try, too?  Go to the Sweepstakes Tab, take advantage of all the opportunities to Win — then come back and tell everyone which ones are your favorites!

If you’re new to the Sweepstakes Tab, I’d love your help, too!  Please give it a try and let us know what you think about all these ways to win!

Leave your comments and words of encouragement below and hopefully, with your help, everyone will go for all the ways to win that PCH.com has to offer on the Sweepstakes Tab today!

Thanks For Reading & Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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