Meet Kate Everett, PCH’s Associate Director of Product Strategy & Merchandising

Kate Everett

Hello PCH fans and friends! I’m sure many of you have taken advantage of the great deals we have on an incredible variety of PCH products, either through the mail or online. But you may not be aware of the tremendous amount of effort and teamwork that goes into putting together our growing lineup of must-have items. That’s why it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kate Everett, Associate Director of Product Strategy and Merchandising here at PCH!

That’s a big title for a big job!  Kate has been with PCH since 2004 and is passionate about our number one priority – customer satisfaction! Kate has a keen eye for value and enjoys passing on the best quality at the best price to our customers.

Of course, it takes plenty of collaboration and teamwork to get PCH products to your door. Working behind the scenes is our team of top-notch buyers that shops from the same vendors as the big retailers do to provide you with the best quality and prices on jewelry, food, video/audio, books, kitchen essentials, collectibles … the list goes on.

Kate tells me, “I work closely with the amazing team of buyers to ensure we can offer our customers great quality PCH products at amazing deals! The buyers show us thousands of products that they source from all over the world, and then we work together to pick the very best for you!”

So what’s the magic behind knowing which ones to pick? Which ones are the items that our customers want and need the most? Kate says,  “I am always on top of what’s trending in the marketplace to make sure we are giving our customers what is new and exciting out there! I know our customers like to see these products!”

The proof is in the positive response! We want to thank all of you customers out there for your business. We really appreciate it!

In closing, Kate had one more message for me to share with all of you: “I am passionate about the products that PCH offers our customers! I take great pride in making sure we are giving them what they want, at amazing values.”

It’s been fun sharing this behind-the-scenes look at the hard work Kate and her team do to bring these great deals together for you.  Check out Kate’s latest lineup of money-saving deals at You’ll be glad you did! Happy shopping!

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

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