How Many Ways Have YOU Entered Today?

Have you ever wondered how PCH has awarded over $250 Million to date? The answer is simple. We’ve awarded this incredible amount of money because we give our fans so many different opportunities to win. 

And with so many ways to stay in it to win it , I want to ask you: How many ways have YOU entered today? With a life-changing “Winner’s Choice” Prize Event coming December 23rd, it’s time to start getting those entries in every day and in every way you can!

Can you believe it? A lucky “Winner’s Choice” prize winner would receive $10,000 A Week For Life OR instead can choose a lump sum of $10 Million at once. Win this prize and not only could you choose how you would be paid, but you would also have the financial freedom to live the life of your dreams!


Get started today with the Main Page, but don’t stop there! With such an incredible prize at stake, it makes sense to enter as many times today as you can!

Check out these other ways you can rack up entries today:

Play: Whether it’s with the games tab at, Blackjack, Slots or Lotto, you can gain entry into our Sweeps by playing our free, fun and unique games on your desktop or mobile device!

Search: When you visit PCHFrontpage for the latest headlines or PCHSearch&Win for your daily web searching, you’ll get a valid entry when you search (after logging on). You’re going to surf the web anyways, but with us those searches could win you prizes!

Watch: Watch the Prize Patrol award millions of dollars to our lucky winners on PCHTV and enjoy a daily chance to enter to win a SuperPrize while you imagine your own “Winning Moment”.

Through Apps: Always on the go? We have different apps you can use to enter to win! Download the PCH App (Apple/Android) and PCH Play&Win App (Apple/Android) to get major prize opportunities sent directly to your mobile device or tablet!

Social Media: Follow PCH on our very own Fan Page on Facebook! We’ll let you know the biggest prize opportunities and latest PCH news. And sign up for some of our email lists —each will give you new opportunities to win every day!

“Old School”: Don’t like to spend time online? Don’t worry! You can enter through ads you find in your local paper. Or you can enter through our automated system by calling 1-800-459-4724. You can also mail entries right to us by sending them to Publishers Clearing House, 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11050. And of course, if you receive our colorful bulletins in the mail, don’t forget to return your entry in the reply envelope provided!

I told you, we have so many different ways for you to enter to win! With such an incredible prize at stake that could mean winning Ten Thousand A Week For Life OR Ten Million All At Once, today is the day to maximize your entries to win a PCH SuperPrize! So I’ll ask one more time: How Many Ways Have YOU Entered Today?

Joe W.
Online Creative

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