Where Are We Headed Tomorrow With A “Big Check”?


How would YOU complete the following statement to our Prize Patrol Elite Team as they gear up for the big prize award tomorrow:
“HEY PRIZE PATROL! Bring that Big Check to me in __________________ !!!”

Would that take them North, like to Bangor, ME or Winnipeg, MB — or South to Tampa, FL or Lafayette, LA? Would they head West to Denver, CO or San Jose, CA — or East to someplace like Boston, MA or Newark, NJ?  What town, what state, what province would you like them to go to?

Is your town hot and sticky in August, like Houston, TX — or a bit cooler, like Fargo, ND?  Would the Prize Patrol have to fly to get there, like to Carson City, NV or is it someplace “driveable” from NY, like Washington, DC? TELL US: Where would you like them to go tomorrow with that “Big Check”? 

One thing’s for sure: They’re definitely going somewhere with a life-changing SuperPrize for our big August 31st Prize Event winner.

Right now, the Prize Patrol Elite Team has the “Big Check” bearing the name of the winner all wrapped up and ready to go.  A florist, hotel and video team close to the winner’s home are all on alert for tomorrow’s “Winning Moment.”  The address of the winner is ready to be logged into the Prize Patrol van’s GPS.

Very few people (certainly not me!) know where the Prize Patrol  is traveling tomorrow – and it really could be your house, no matter how far or near.  Why not? PCH has awarded over FIVE MILLION PRIZES over the years, to winners in every corner of the map — big cities, tiny towns, farmhouses, offices, schools, motor homes and airports — everywhere.

In the meantime, be sure to follow the Prize Patrol’s whereabouts on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook for live video feeds from the road — and come back to our PCH Blog tomorrow for tantalizing “clues”!

We’re all really excited here at PCH, waiting to find out whom our next millionaire turns out to be. It makes us proud to know that we’ve all helped to make yet another friend’s financial dreams come true.

So, give us all a shout-out, “I want the Prize Patrol to bring a SuperPrize to ­­­________________________ tomorrow!”

I hope that they will!

Your blog chum,

P.S.  As a reminder, you should never include your street address or any personal information in the comments section.

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