Special Early Look Results For Our August 31st Prize Award!

EXCITING NEWS: The Special Early Look Results are in for our August 31st prize award, and we can finally reveal what prize the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award on August 31st — just 4 days from now!

But before we get into the results, we want to remind everyone that, just like you, we don’t know what prize we’ll be awarding until the drawing actually takes place. Of course, we’re always hoping there will be a matching winning number – and we’re always prepared to award the full prize amount.

OK now back to the results for the August 31st prize award. This time, there was no matching winning number. BUT, the good news is, a second chance drawing went into effect, so we will still be awarding a HUGE ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE!

Yes, that’s right, we will definitely be giving away a $1 Million Prize in just a few days! Will it be YOU who gets a knock on the door from the Prize Patrol? It’s time to start thinking about how it would change your life should you become our next big winner!  Here’s a list of suggestions to help you get started!


  1. Buy A New House!


I think every one of us dreams of having more room for ourselves and our loved ones to live a comfortable lifestyle. And the $1 Million winner could afford to have it all, complete with brand new appliances, plenty of closet and storage space, extra bathrooms and more!

  1. Shop ‘Till You Drop!


How about an incredible shopping spree, where money is no object? Imagine looking for that perfect item, no matter what that sticker price says. So what if it’s not on sale? NO PROBLEM! You’ve got plenty of money to spare!

  1. Take A Long Overdue Vacation!


Have you been dreaming of traveling to a faraway place in an exotic locale for as long as you can remember? Your dream could become an incredible reality for yourself and for anyone else you want to bring along for the journey!

  1. Pay Off Those Bills!


Imagine the sense of freedom you would feel by finally getting out from under the burden of debt? You could take care of all of those bills in one swoop, and wipe the slate clean! Wow, imagine getting a brand new fresh start?

  1. Pamper Yourself


When it comes to indulging in the ultimate beauty and spa treatments, nothing is too good for you! You deserve all of the rest, relaxation, and pampering that money can buy!

There you have it folks, 5 amazing ways you could spend a One Million Dollar Prize! And you know what the best part is? With that much money, you could do everything on this list and MORE! It would DEFINITELY change your life.

So, what would you do first? What would you be most excited about? Please comment below and let us know how YOU would spend a $1 Million prize. It could happen for you on Monday, August 31st! Good luck everyone!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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