How to Spend $10,000 A Week For Life

Hello, my PCH Blog pals!

Reason I ask, of course, is our stupendous Win $10,000 A Week for Life special early look event that’s just around the corner.

And if you win $10,000 A Week For Life on December 30th, you’ll have 10 “G’s” coming in every week like clockwork – for LIFE!  So we thought we’d suggest just a FEW things you’d be able to splurge on with those $10,000 checks …

For instance, our December 30th prize event is just before New Year’s Eve – and a $10,000 check would be just the thing for buying …

bottles of champagne

Or maybe CHOCOLATE is what you’d REALLY like to celebrate with. With $10,000, you could afford the best of the best …

Fancy Chocolate

Or, on another weekend, you might want to spend some time in New York City – one of the most exciting – and EXPENSIVE – places on earth. With a $10,000 a Week For Life check in your wallet, you could really splurge

New York City Trip

OR!  Maybe one week, you’d like to surprise your favorite cigar enthusiast or new Dad with the best “smokes” money can buy.  As a December 30th “Double the Cash” prize winner (that’s double our standard weekly lifetime prize), you’d have a weekly  $10,000 to buy …

12_2_Fancy cigars

At this point, I can almost hear you saying …

$10,000 A Week for life

We’re sure you DO!  So whether it’s for paying off all your bills, buying a new home, finally getting that new car, helping your loved ones out, or something else completely, let us know how YOU’D spend $10,000 A Week For Life in the “Comments” section below.

Hoping to hear from you …

Publishers Clearing House

P.S. Remember, even if we don’t have a matching number for our “Double the Cash” Lifetime Prize, we will STILL award $1,000,000 to a lucky someone on December 30th in a second chance drawing – you, perhaps?  I’ll bet you have excellent ideas for spending a Million Dollars, too!

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