PCH Merchandise Makes 2015 Amazing!

Hey Blog Readers,

I hope you’re having a great New Year!  I know I am, and for me, the best part of a brand new year is the idea of a fresh start!  That’s why I’ve been busy cleaning out my house and have resolved to “keep it clean in 2015.”  And there’s no  better way to get started than with some of my favorite PCH Merchandise!

Now, I have to admit that my house is an absolute MESS!  It’s like when you were a teenager and you mom said, “your room looks like a bomb hit it…”…well picture that… only EVERYWHERE.  I just can’t seem to find the time to get it fully clean and organized, but I’ve come a long way by getting my hands on some amazing PCH Merchandise. So, here’s a look at some of the must-haves that have gotten me off to a great start.

1) Tile & Tub Scrubber Plus 3 Free Sponges

Tub and Tile Scrubber

Oh, how I used to hate bending over to clean the tub!  And the worst part was, I’d feel like I was scrubbing for hours and getting nothing clean.  Well, not anymore!  With the Tile & Tub Scrubber we sell at PCH, cleaning down low and up high is easier than ever!  If you try just one item this year, I highly recommend it!

2) Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set

Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set

These five containers with lids have been such a big help in getting my kitchen organized!  I’ve used them for cereal, for pasta, for juice and even for leftover soup.  Plus, with this new set, I found that I could get rid of some of my older, stained storage containers so they helped me clean up even more!

3) Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop-Up Hamper – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop-Up Hamper

I know we all have our laundry challenges, and for me, it used to be getting everything up and down the stairs in that giant laundry bucket.  But not anymore!  With the Pop-Up Hamper, I just grab the handles and go … it makes the job so much easier!  Plus, when I’m all done, the hamper folds down so I can put it away in the closet!

Pop-Up hamper

So, if you’re like me and you want to keep your house clean in 2015, check out our PCH Merchandise lineup  for these quick solutions and so many more great items I just know you’re going to love!  You can find the Tile & Tub Scrubber (Plus 3 FREE Sponges – A $14.10 Total Value) toward the bottom of page 2, the Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set (Save 50% Similar Items Sell Elsewhere For $31.99) in the middle of page 2 and the Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop Up Hamper (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) toward the bottom of page 3.  Just so you know, if you haven’t already registered, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all of our exciting offers (it only takes a few seconds so don’t let that stop you)!

After you’ve seen the products first hand, let me know what you think!  Is there something else you would try to help combat the clutter … do you have any suggestions to help me “keep it clean in 2015″… please comment below and let me know!  I always appreciate your advice.

Thanks for reading & thanks in advance for your tips!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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