Motivational Monday: Practice Random Acts Of Kindness!

Random Acts of kindness

If anyone knew the importance of reaching out to others in need, it was the late Princess Diana. During the mid-to-late 1980s the Princess of Wales was President or Patron of over 100 charities. She used her celebrity to bring attention to the plight of disabled children and homeless people. She helped to remove the stigma associated with AIDS, and she worked tirelessly to ban the use of land mines.

Kind Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Princess Diana was a great humanitarian, a shining star that inspired us all.  But you don’t have to be rich, powerful or famous to have an impact on someone else’s life. There are so many small ways each one of us can help each other. And I’m not talking about just handing out money. It can be about inspiring, encouraging, comforting, informing — there are so many random acts of kindness you can do to help ease someone else’s burden. And it doesn’t have to be a close family member. It could be about reaching out to touch the life of a total stranger.

Sometimes we don’t even realize the impact we’ve had until it comes full circle. It’s then that, when we least expect it, someone will reach out to help us in our time of need.

Kindness Is Contagious

Do you ever find yourself going out of your way to help someone else, even if it’s just a small gesture? It could be because someone else did the same thing for you in the past.  I know how much I appreciated it whenever someone opened the door for me while I was walking on crutches after surgery. I recall several times when a kind stranger would stop to help me on the side of the road when my car broke down. Even though I can’t change a tire to this day, I often stop to see if I can help a stranded motorist in some other way!

Some people find it difficult to ask for help. So the next time you see someone down or frustrated, offer to give him or her some help. Small acts of kindness can go a long way. How about giving up your seat for someone else? Or why not pay someone a compliment? Cut your neighbor’s grass. Send a thank you note. Let’s all make it a practice to spread kindness wherever and whenever we can!

What If You Had The Money To Make A Big Difference?

Is there someone in your life, or is there a particular charity, you would want to help if you suddenly had the financial means to do it? We all dream about what we would do first if we won a big prize. But after we took care of the necessities, what would be next?

Just imagine if you were to become “Set For Life” in our April 30th Special Early Look prize event from Giveaway #4900 — that’s $7,000 A Week For Life — what would be some nice things you would do to help others? Maybe a portion of those monthly checks would go to your favorite charity. Or maybe you would be able to help out a neighbor, a friend, a son or daughter with the cash they desperately needed?

So this Motivational Monday, tell us below, what are some random acts of kindness you would do to help out others if you won?

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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