Beware Of PCH Scams On Instagram – Top 3 Ways To Spot A PCH Scammer!

Hello, PCH friends. Not long ago, we introduced you to the NEW Official PCH Instagram page. We’re so excited to share what’s been happening at PCH with our fans on Instagram, and we’re getting more followers all the time. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that scammers have been pretending to be from Publishers Clearing House and have even been impersonating members of the Prize Patrol on Instagram, with the intent of scamming innocent people. That’s why I’m writing to tell you to beware of PCH Scams on Instagram. Here are the top 3 ways to spot a PCH Scammer on Instagram.

How To Spot A PCH Scam

#1 Look For The Checkmark, In The Right Place!

Our Official PCH Instagram Page is verified. (You can easily tell if a page is verified if it has the blue checkmark.) And this is important, the checkmark should be located right next to our name, Publishers Clearing House. We’ve seen scammers add a checkmark to our logo to try to impersonate PCH, but only our Official PCH Instagram place has the official checkmark in the right place.

#2 PCH Will NEVER Ask You To Pay Money To Claim A Prize!

At PCH, all of our sweepstakes are FREE to enter and FREE to win! Under no circumstances will PCH ask a winner to pay to claim a prize. In the past, scammers impersonating PCH have asked their victims to wire them money, or send a pre-paid Green Dot Money Card before their prize can be awarded. That would NEVER happen at PCH.

#3 PCH Will Never Contact You Through A Direct Message.

PCH NEVER contacts winners through direct messages on Instagram, or any social media channels, for that matter. At PCH, we surprise all our BIG winners by showing up at their door. If you receive a direct message on Instagram, it is not from us. If someone pretending to be from PCH asks you to call or send an email to contact them back – don’t do it!

You Can Help Report PCH Scammers On Instagram!

If you are contacted by a scammer pretending to be from PCH, do not accept their request, and do not contact them directly. What you can do is follow the simple steps below to report them on Instagram.

  1. On the scammer’s page, click the three dots on the upper right.
  2. Click
  3. Click Its Inapropriate.
  4. Click I believe this account violates Instagrams community guidelines.
  5. Click Report Account.
  6. Click This profile is pretending to be someone else.
  7. Click A celebrity or public figure.
  8. Then, you’ll get a screen asking who is being impersonated. Type Publishers Clearing House.

Beware Of PCH Scams

Friends, if you are an Instagram user, I hope you’ll follow and enjoy our new Official Instagram Page.  Please beware of PCH Scams on Instagram. Staying safe is easy once you know the ways to spot a PCH scammer!

Have a great day!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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