Making “New PCH Believers” On the Road

As you’d expect, the highlight of every Prize Patrol trip is “the winning moment”: when we arrive at a lucky person’s door and present roses, balloons, champagne and the Big Check.

But there’s another “high” we get on the road.  That’s when we meet those “doubting Thomas’s” and, through some simple act, convert them to excited “New PCH Believers.” Let me tell you about nine such folks.

First there was a florist named Dee who prepared a beautiful bouquet of red roses and inflated our PCH balloons.  For years she had seen us on TV but never expected that HER handiwork would be an iconic part of a “winning moment.”  Well, she became “New Believer” #1.

Next was Meg Scherer who accepted a Big $10,000 Check on behalf of her father Joe who was out of town.  Joe clearly believed that he could win someday and entered our sweepstakes frequently – while Meg did not.  Seeing us in-person changed that, and Meg became “New Believer” #2.

PCH Believers

When a winner isn’t home — and won’t be for several days, we leave the important paperwork at a secure place, then startle some nice folks nearby with the roses and balloons that would otherwise wilt.  Recently I met an old friend in an absent winner’s town and explained our undeliverable “cargo.”  She gladly helped out by passing the roses and balloons on to three acquaintances who needed “cheering up.”  In the process she realized, “Gee, I should enter the PCH Sweepstakes too.”  So – that act produced four more “New Believers.”

As for the undeliverable champagne, I knew I couldn’t carry it onto the airplane bound for home.  Not to worry.  When we turned in our rented van at the airport, the guy checking it in saw my Prize Patrol suitcase and said “Wow!  I didn’t think you guys were ‘for real.’”  When I showed him a photo of the morning’s “winning moment” he became “New Believer” #7 – and gratefully accepted the champagne.

Lastly, on the plane, a flight attendant Kristin recognized me from TV and PCH promotions.  She got all excited and asked two women passengers seated beside me, “Do you know who this man is that you’re sitting next to?”  They had no idea; but within a minute they did – and became #’s 8 and 9.

New PCH Believers

In addition to these nine “New PCH Believers,” at least 50 more people saw us in our Prize Patrol blazers and realized that the PCH TV ads they’ve seen countless times are absolutely true.  So, you see we make a lot of folks happy when we travel – not just one lucky winner.  I hope this encourages you to believe too! Here’s hoping that I’ll meet one of you very soon for our April 30th Special Early Look Prize Event.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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