Prize Patrol On The Road For PCH 25th Anniversary Prize!

As you know, 2013 is a historic year for PCH. It is a year of anniversaries! Not only is it the 60th anniversary of the company’s founding, it is ALSO the 25th anniversary of the Prize Patrol! Yep, 25 years ago this summer, the Prize Patrol made their first trip to surprise a sweepstakes winner. [read more...]

Winning The PCH Sweepstakes Changed My Life!

Hey there, Everyone! It’s your friendly Neighborhood PCH Goodwill Ambassador, Natalie! As a former SuperPrize Winner, I get asked a lot of questions. “What did you do with the money after you won?”  “How did your life change?” “Is it real?? Did the Prize Patrol really visit you?” YES! It’s REAL, and the Prize Patrol [read more...]


Millions of TV viewers are tuning in to the suspenseful final episodes of “Breaking Bad”, the AMC series that has lots of people talking.  They want to see how the story of high school science teacher-turned crystal meth “cooker” will turn out.  Will all the trouble that Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, has gone [read more...]

WOW! $7,000 Every Week For Life is A LOT of Money!

Hey, all my PCHBlog buddies out there! I’ve got a riddle for you! What do 2,030 gallons of milk and 11,628 lbs of bananas have in common with 1,942 gallons of home fuel oil and 1,899 gallons of gas? Give up? Well, each of these quantities, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, shows what [read more...]

How The PCH Prize Patrol Travels With The Big Check!

Hey PCH fans! Have you ever wondered how the PCH Prize Patrol travels with that BIG Check to our winners? If you have, you’re in luck! I recently had the chance to catch up with PCH Prize Patrol Elite’s lovely Danielle Lam to talk about her experiences traveling with the Big Check! Let’s see what [read more...]

What 25 Years with the Prize Patrol Has Meant to Me

If you’ve followed our blogs for a while you’ve read about several anniversaries we’ve observed at Publishers Clearing House – like 2013’s 60th anniversary of our founding in 1953, how in 1967 we added the PCH Sweepstakes to our mailings, and how that now-legendary enterprise has made thousands of people richer by almost a quarter [read more...]


Win PCH’s Home Gym Giveaway and Get Fit For Life!

Whether you already have a fitness focused lifestyle or are looking to begin a fitness program, our Home Gym Giveaway will get you set up to stay fit for life! If you’re like me, there’s probably some space in your home or apartment that you’ve always hoped to turn into a home gym.  Somewhere you [read more...]

Want to Know Who Actually Wins With Publishers Clearing House?

Lots of people actually win with Publishers Clearing House! And not just the big SuperPrizes – take a look at this month’s Redemption Center winners! Hello PCH friends! Today we celebrate our lucky, dedicated fans who believe in winning with Publishers Clearing House!  I’m here to share with you this past month’s Redemption [read more...]

Top 5 Reasons To Shop At PCH!

Hello PCH Fans! If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore shopping. I’m a shopaholic – (I’m a girl, duh!) The only thing that annoys me about going shopping is all the hassle it takes to get to the mall, find a parking spot, and then walk to your store of choice. This process could [read more...]

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