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PCHGames Online Mahjong Dimensions Tournament Pointers and Tips

Yesterday, I let you all know about the PCHGames online Mahjong Dimensions cash prize tournament happening on January 20th and the practice round that starts today. To celebrate the first day of the practice round I went around to some people here in the office and asked them for some pointers and tips on how to play the game.

All in all I received some good recommendations. I even learned a couple things that can increase your scores! So here’s what I found out from my coworkers Janice and Kimberly.

First off, the bonus scoring works as follows:

  • Speed Match Combo: You’ll activate a point multiplier if you make a match within three seconds of another match.
  • Multi-Match combo: You’ll get bonus points for matching several of the same image types in a row.
  • Time Bonus: At the end of the game, you will get extra points for every second left on the clock.

And some tips for scoring more points:

  • Match the same image types in a row to get more points
  • Build a large speed match combo by planning a few moves in advance
  • Use the arrow keys to rotate the stack

That about sums up the pointers and tips that I got. Maybe they’ll help you increase your Mahjong Dimension scores in time for the tournament!


Frank Alb

Community Coordinator

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