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Sweepstakes Winners Get the Spotlight in PCH Commercials

Our recent TV campaign showed dozens of sweepstakeswinning moments” culled from our vast archives of videotaped Prize Patrol visits to winners’ doors. Some of my friends complained to me that they really didn’t see me; they only saw the back of my head.

“Why didn’t they show your face, Dave?” they asked, referring — I guess — to the people who put the PCH commercials together.

I told them “We put the spotlight on the lucky sweepstakes winners, not me – even if I am the guy who has headed the Prize Patrol for decades. The fact is no one really cares who delivers the Big Checks, as long as it is delivered.”

They have to admit I’m right: folks will take the prize money from anyone who presents it. Even if the Prize Patrol was staffed with ogres, the winners would be happy and grateful to accept a Big Check with their name on it.

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Enjoy, and good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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