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Happy Thanksgiving PCHblog Readers – What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it’s one of the few times every year that my family gathers from all across the United States to spend a few days in each other’s company. Like most holidays, tradition plays a big part. Each year, my family spends the day cooking our thanksgiving meal. Some of us are in charge of the dessert, some help my mom cook the Turkey and sides, while others make the last minute trips to the grocery store when an essential ingredient goes missing. Then we usually end up eating late as we wait for the stubborn Turkey to finish cooking in the oven, which is fine because it’s gives us more time to catch up with each other.

After filling our stomachs, we always spend time thinking about and sharing what we are thankful for. I always find it interesting that everyone around the table has a long list of things to be thankful for, even if they have been going through a tough time. There’s no question that this year has been especially tough for a lot of us with the poor economy and high jobless rates. But in the end we all have something to be thankful for. For many, it’s the food on the table, or the friends and family members that are always there, or just the dreams of winning that we discuss often here on the PCHblog. A few people can even be thankful for winning a prize from PCH! Thinking about what we’re thankful for seems simple, but we often forget to just that as we race to get errands and work done.

 So with that I wanted to ask all of you what you’re thankful for. It can be big, small, simple, complicated or anything. If you feel like sharing with the rest of the blog readers, go ahead and add it to the comments. If not, just keep it in the back of your mind as you go about your Thanksgiving Day. 

Happy Thanksgiving PCH blog readers. Thanks for reading our posts and for sharing your stories with us!

Frank @ PCH

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