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A GRAMMY® Winning Moment vs. A PCH Winning Moment

Memorable Grammy winning moments – much like the winning moments PCH is famous for – filled the star-studded 53rd Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday. To get the evening started, Lady Gaga made an extravagant entrance when she arrived to the event in a big plastic egg. The PCH Prize Patrol knows a thing or two about extravagant entrances but all they need is a mini-van with balloons, champagne and of course the big check.

Kicking off the show was a beautiful tribute to Aretha Franklin, who unfortunately was unable to make it to the event due to a hospitalization and recovery. That was followed by more top star performances and Grammy awards for the most talented artists of the last year.

Of the many winning moments, a few stood out from the rest. For starters, Lady Antebellum, the talented Country Music group, received not one, but 5 different Grammy awards over the course of the evening including Best Country Album, Best Record of the Year, Best Song of the Year, Best Country Song and Best Country Performance. Phew – that’s a long list of winning moments! Additionally, Arcade Fire won the Best Album of The Year which they were quite surprised to receive! You can read the full listing of Grammy Winning Moments by visiting

For the rest of us that don’t have the musical talent to win a Grammy (myself included), Publishers Clearing House has an alternative that comes in the form of a Big Check! And that big check could make you $10 Million richer! All it takes is a quick trip to where you can submit your entry for the chance to have your very own winning moment. If you’re our next PCH SuperPrize winner, you’ll be so happy you’ll want to party like a rock star for sure!


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