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Urgent Lottery “Winner” in the UK

Recipients of lottery cash not only pertain to people, but also may include historic landmarks. Such was the case of a church in Haworth, Britain where a church that had ties with the Bronte family was in urgent need of cash to fix the roof. This massive tourist attraction is important as two of the Bronte sisters are buried here. You may know the Bronte family if you’ve read Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. Luckily, it was given a grant by way of the lottery to help pay the £240,000 it needs to fix the roof! You can read the full story by clicking here.

While Publishers Clearing House creates sweepstakes, some entrants may need it more than others. Even so, it doesn’t stop most of our PCH fans from giving back to the community. For example, last week was Random Acts of Kindness week. In honor of that we asked fans of the PCHSearch&Win Facebook Fan Page what they would do in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week. I was so happy to see that our users randomly pay for the restaurant checks of others despite being in urgent need of winning cash. Others suggestions the Facebook fans included adopting a pet from a shelter, helping the elderly, and assisting their family with anything they need.

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