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Is Instant Ever Instant?

Cash prizes, gratification, service; instant is something we come to expect from everything in our daily lives. How many times have you upgraded your phone or internet to get faster almost “instant” results? Yet, after all the advancements and improvements, you still have to wait, don’t you?

PCH instant win prizes including the 40” LED TV, $100.00 and other exclusive prizes, take time to win; and sometimes it may take most of day before someone wins a featured instant prize! When I interview or talk to real-life PCH winners from 2011 and even 2010, I hear a wide range of stories; from PCHers who won an instant prize within 5-minutes of browsing on Shop&Win to PCH winners who entered many times before winning an instant prize.

Indeed some PCH winners like Rebecca L. used PCHSearch&Win and won an instant prize within two days! After winning on February 15, 2011, she said she would use her instant win prize money of $117 to renew her passport. Then there are instant winners like Jodi K. who used PCHSearch&Win for years and then, on March 2, 2011, she instantly scored $1,000.00! She told us that she’d prefer to use the money to care for her dogs.

PCHSearch&Win gives away multiple gift cards and instant prizes as many times a day as they can, while the exciting online shopping destination, Shop&Win, awards instant prizes every hour. And let’s not forget that the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol who awards big sweepstakes prizes at least a few times a year!

But when you think about instant coffee or fast internet, there is always a window, no matter how big or small, that you will have wait. So when PCH offers an instant prize you could really use or would simply love to win, don’t miss out because you think you won’t win, remember how nothing is ever “instant!”

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