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An Instant Winner Shares Her PCH Story

For this week’s featured PCHSearch&Win Instant Winner, I chose avid shopper Vicki P., from Markle, IN, who has been commenting on the PCHblog and the new PCHSearch&Win blog.  More importantly, Vickie is an avid user of PCHSearch&Win and Shop&Win.

In June 2010, Vickie P. started using PCHSearch&Win as her primary search engine. Specifically, she said that she started using PCHSearch&Win “…when I decided to read all of the PCH information found on my search page while searching for PCH.COM to complete an entry for the $5000 A Week For Life Sweepstakes, as seen on TV.” Since making PCHSeach&Win her search engine of choice, Vickie P. has been an instant winner several times! With multiple recent wins she ends up filling out two Winner Surveys. Vickie P. has made PCHSearch&Win her home page as well.

PCHSearch&Win was the source of Vickie P.’s first win, which was fantastic for her since she loves to shop while she maintains the philosophy, “Why not spend money where I can win money, too.” As a grandmother of six, having won some ShopandWin gift cards instantly from PCHSearch&Win, she was able to do all of her Christmas shopping at! Among her favorite ShopandWin products are the Ashely 6359 Rug, which she describes as, “gorgeous and of excellent quality,” and the jewelry.

“I have always recommended the PCH Search Engine. It is accurate and brings up truly relevant sites in my first search!” Vickie P. explains. Since this instant winner uses multiple PCH sites like PCHSearch&Win and ShopandWin, she called Publishers Clearing House, “A professional, successful and innovative organization.” Now that’s a compliment we enjoy hearing!

Vickie P. also visits us on Facebook, where she mentioned that she became a fan of PCH and entered the exclusive $1,000 sweepstakes. Why not do the same; stop by our PCH fan page anytime and say, “Hello!” Better yet, enter a sweepstakes, too!

Thanks for all of your participation Vickie P.! And, we look forward to yours, too!

The “Prize” Queen

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