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PCH Online Sweepstakes — What It Takes…!

Publishers Clearing House online sweepstakes prizes have the power to change lives. Depending upon what the winner chooses to do with their prize money, of course. So, how does a person win a large amount of money in a sweepstakes or even a state lottery drawing, for that matter? Some people aren’t even sure how to win a small amount of money let alone the million-dollar type. One could try using magic potions, mystical incantations or lucky talismans. But, alas, that’s just fantasy. The reality is that you have to enter, and then it comes down to three little words: odds of winning.

For the past 19 years, I have been playing the exact same numbers in my state lottery. Have I won the big million dollar prize money yet? Well, obviously not, or I wouldn’t be writing this now…ha, ha! But, in my mind I feel that my “system” will eventually pay off. I just hope it’s before I’m 80…but, I’d take it then, I’m no fool. Or am I? I like to think that with every year that goes by my odds of winning – there’s those words again – go up. Realistically – I may never win. But, I try because I have what others like me have – dedication, patience and persistence. Plus, I really want that dough!

Well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Joyce Brothers once said, “One quality all successful people have is persistence.” These people are willing to spend more time accomplishing a task and to persevere even though the odds may be against them. There’s also a very positive relationship between people’s ability to accomplish any task and the time they’re willing to spend on it. Even though the odds of winning online sweepstakes are highly likely against us, we hope that dedication, patience and persistence can help us beat those odds.

As an employee of PCH, I’m not eligible to participate in the free PCH online sweepstakes. My only hope for a huge money windfall is my state lottery. Luckily, most of you have the opportunity to enter the free PCH online sweepstakes every day!! And, as we know now, that’s what it’s all about…entering as often as you can to get the most chances to win. Publishers Clearing House always gives you more ways to play and win big, and the smaller prizes aren’t too shabby either!

So, what did you think of this post? Do you agree? Or not? Do you have your own “system” for maybe winning a big online sweepstakes prize? Do you believe persistence and dedication to enter PCH online sweepstakes will eventually pay off for you? Do you know some who has won a big PCH prize? Have you won yourself? Leave your comments below. We really want to know. Make sure to also visit the Publishers Clearing House Fan page on Facebook.

Good luck!

Leslie Jaye
PCH Creative

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