PCHSearchandWin Celebrates Its Three Year Anniversary!

PCHSearchandWin marks its 3rd anniversary this month! Let’s hear it for PCHSearchandWin! Woo! Hoo! But, we couldn’t have made it this far without you – our loyal friends and searchers! Let’s hear it for all of YOU! Yay!

Can you believe it’s been three years since PCHSearch&Win had its illustrious internet debut? As they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun”…and when you are winning instant win prizes and one million dollar PCH SuperPrizes! So far, PCHSearchandWin has awarded 106,000 instant win prizes totaling over TWO MILLION DOLLARS! Yes, it’s true!! Plus, 3, count ‘em, 3, Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize million dollar winner entries came from searching at PCHSearch&Win! Seriously, it’s true. Here’s the proof…

  1. “I got One Million Dollars!” shouted Natalie Bostelman of Toledo, OH. Prior to winning $1,000,000.00 from PCH, Natalie’s usual morning routine included searching the internet at PCHSearchandWin. Then one of her searches gave her an entry into a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize giveaway, ultimately making her a millionaire! You could be one, too!

    Natalie Bostelman of Toledo, OH.
    Natalie Bostelman of Toledo, OH.
  2. Joe Beane of Las Vegas, NV, asked the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, “Nobody put you up to this?” No, they didn’t! One of Joe’s searches ended up changing his life forever by making him a Publishers Clearing House millionaire! And, yes, he uses PCHSearchandWin all the time. When you use PCHSearch&Win, you could get an entry into a PCH SuperPrize giveaway, too!

    Joe Beane of Las Vegas, NV
    Joe Beane of Las Vegas, NV
  3. Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, ID, used PCHSearchandWin and won a one million dollar PCH SuperPrize, with the Prize Patrol rolling up just in time to save her house! As a frequent member of PCHSearchandWin, Stephanie received her winning entry by visiting www.search.pch.com and searching the internet! If you search using PCHSearchandWin every day, too, you could win instant prizes, and maybe, a PCH million dollar SuperPrize.

    Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, ID
    Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, ID

Truly amazing! And, there’s more…

As the infamous PCH Prize Patrol handed Douglas O’Shea of Elmo, MN, his “Big Check” for winning a “Tax-Free” $100,000.00 this past April, he explained, “I search online for things every day, so I figure why not do it on SearchandWin?”  Since Douglas had been unemployed for two years, at the time of winning, his wife Andrea exclaimed, “It’s just astonishing and beautiful and kind of a godsend.”

Now, let’s hear it for Natalie, Joe, Stephanie and Douglas! Way to go guys! They knew what I’ve been telling you all this time:  PCHSearchandWin is a powerful search engine that works like Google or Yahoo. The big difference is that you could win prizes instantly simply for doing what you do every day, search the internet! Plus, you could receive entries into huge money-making, life-changing Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize giveaways – and maybe win ONE MILLION DOLLARS, too!

Here’s to you!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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