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PCH Online Surveys: Little Questions That Give You Big Chances to Win

Psssst – are you looking for the Lucky Check? Look no further because this week, the Lucky Check is here on the PCHblog.

Lovers of Publishers Clearing House and seekers of chances to win: PCH Surveys might be your new place to shine!

Do you prefer to watch zebras bounding through the plains of Africa, instead of laughing to the light-hearted sitcoms on TBS? Do you stay in hotels a few times a month, soaking up the life of a traveler? Or it could be that you’re a homebody, partial to your personal bed, and your own shower with the little scratches in the tiles that only you notice. Perhaps you’d like to voice your opinions on fun topics like these? Or maybe you just wish this PCHblog post would stop bombarding you with questions without warning. Well good news fans! Publishers Clearing House has an outlet where you can answer all kinds of questions like these (well, all except the last one, though feel free to leave a comment below).

PCH Surveys is a place where you can state your preferences and opinions on things like TV shows, hotels, smartphones, cameras, power drills, diet plans and more. This is all made possible because businesses are interested in what you have to say.

PCH fans, you could be answering questions and giving your opinion mere minutes from now and get great chances to win PCH Prizes! So don’t be shy, and speak up for the things you like at PCH Surveys!

Corey N.
PCH Intern

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