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August 24th Carniball Tournament Promises Fun, Prizes & Tokens!

Gather ‘round everybody. Step right up and play a classic amusement park game. Have FUN!! Earn TOKENS! And maybe even WIN PRIZES!

Sorry, I just got carried away. I’ve been playing Carniball at PCHgames, getting ready to play in the exciting Tournament tomorrow (8/24). Carniball has all the fun and features of Skee Ball, but it’s better. Just pitch the ball to get as many points as you can.

Who’s eligible to play and win in this fun and rewarding Carniball Tournament? Well, YOU are, of course. (Since I’m a PCH employee, I can only play for the fun of it!) Now let me tell you why the August 24th Carniball Tournament is going to be so rewarding!

  • $1,000.00 Cash Prize for First Place winner
  • $500.00 Cash Prize for Second Place winner
  • $250.00 Cash Prize for Third Place winner
  • 10X the TOKENS during Carniball on Tournament Day and Tournament Day
  • BONUS 1,000 Tokens for the top 25 scorers

So, how do you “STEP RIGHT UP” and join in the fun, excitement and rewards? First, increase your chances of getting your highest scores possible by going to today and playing in the Practice Rounds to get ready for tomorrow’s tournament. Carniball is wonderfully easy to play. It’s a game of control and precision, so getting a little practice today could go a long way in helping you score  big tomorrow!

Your next step is to visit on August 24th to enjoy some classic carnival fun – and, hopefully, some BIG CASH PRIZES! Make sure you’re logged in – or if you’ve never registered, make sure you do. Click on the Carniball ad or promotion at the top, center of the page labeled “today’s features”! Click on the HELP button in the game to read the short directions. Especially take note that the RED BALLS (they’ll DOUBLE the points indicated by the target) … even better, BLUE BALLS QUADRUPLE the target points! Score a ball in a YELLOW GLOWING TARGET and get a FREE ball! Score 600 or more total points before running out of balls and get THREE EXTRA BALLS!

You’ll usually get two red balls per game. The blue balls come fewer and farther between. Keep playing until you get a blue ball to play. I just finished a game where I received two blue balls and two red. Needless to say, it was my best score to date.

One quick tip before I’m done:  Make sure to find the sound button if you’re playing at work. You don’t want the sound effects to tip off your boss that you’re scoring big at PCHgames.

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

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