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Behind the Scenes at PCH HQ: A Day in the Life of a PCH Employee

At PCH, we know that our fans are curious about our world at PCH headquarters.  Today, you can see what it’s like to work at Publishers Clearing House! Follow me as I take you on a typical day in the life of a PCH employee.

Around 9:00, I arrive in Port Washington, NY. One of my favorite things about PCH HQ is the lovely traffic circle pond! How peaceful does it look?

PCH Behind the Scenes
After parking my car, I walk up to the main doors. It’s a beautiful day!

In the morning, I usually wander into my office, wishing Victoria Zimmerman a good morning. As my computer starts up, I head to the cafeteria to grab some warm tea (I don’t like coffee) in my cute daisy mug!

PCH Behind the Scenes

Once I’m settled, it’s time to get to work! I check emails, log into Facebook to see what everyone’s been up to during the night and early morning, and make sure this blog and the PCHSearch&Win blog are up to date! Victoria and I spend our mornings answering queries and interacting with our passionate fans on the PCH Fan Pages. I love talking to fans all day – it feels like I’m being paid to hang out with friends!

Lunch time rolls around and we’re hungry! Victoria and I like to eat outside, weather permitting, but now that it’s getting colder, we’ll be spending more time in our cafeteria. There are lots of tables, 4 TVS, and even an area for games like pool, foosball, and ping pong! It’s a great place to take a break and blow off some steam if we’re feeling stressed. We have vending machines, a coffee station, and some great lunch options every day.

PCH Behind the Scenes

Of course, there are plenty of meetings to attend throughout the week. There are lots of conference rooms throughout the building. Here’s where we sit around and discuss our big plans for the SuperPrize, Fan page contests, and even blog topics!

PCH Behind the Scenes

On the way back to my office, I might just pass the Prize Patrol storage room. What’s that you ask? It’s a tightly locked room that contains Prize Patrol goodies – uniforms, the van sign, PCH pens, etc. Personally, I didn’t even know it existed until Danielle Lam pointed it out to me. It just blends into the hallway walls so well! That’s probably so it is harder to find and therefore harder to break into. Here is Danielle at the door to the room:

PCH Behind the Scenes

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the PCH building. This is where the Creative team sits – I bet looking at the greenery and basking in the sun really gets those creative juices flowing! How many offices do you know that have its own little forest growing inside?

PCH Behind the Scenes

And it’s back to my desk to continue working! 5 o’clock rolls around and that’s when PCH employees start making moves to leave. Not everyone goes – sometimes we have to stay late to finish up work – but the office feels pretty empty by 6 o’clock. The end of another day at Publishers Clearing House!

Laura Wolfe

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