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PCH Introduces a New Way to WIN Instantly— PCHslots!

What could be better than an entire PCH site dedicated to INSTANT-WIN SLOTS?

I’ll tell you –ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, especially since game play is ABSOLUTELY FREE. It’s like having your own personal Vegas in your living room — with no cost to you!

Think about it, you don’t have to shell out cash for a road trip or airline tickets, or take time off from work — you can SPIN for CASH while you’re enjoying your morning “cup of Joe,” or while winding down after a long day. You can play at work between meetings (shh! We won’t tell), or while lounging in the house on a lazy Sunday. I think you’ve got the point — you can play anytime that works best for you!

And of course,  there’s no money to put on the line — so you have nothing to lose.

Play PCHslots!

In a way, YOU get all the perks of a “High Roller” without spending a dime, simply because you’re part of the PCH family. Cool, right!

Hey, I don’t know about you, but if it’s FREE, it’s for me! In fact, I’ve got to cut this short — I want to get my game play in before lunch is over and the boss comes shuffling in (not that PCH employees can win). Why don’t you do the same? You’ve got nothing to lose.  Go to PCHslots now and join in on the fun.

Good Luck,


Online Creative Dept.

P.S. When do you PCHslot? I like to “spin it-to-win it” first thing in the morning, but my best friends Joel and Val like to play PCHslots at night. Tell us your favorite time of day to score cash prize fun!!!

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